Holly Hall Supply Co. is Simplifying Skincare

To celebrate Black History Month this February, BELLA is proud to showcase Black-owned businesses, including Holly Hall Supply Co. 

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Holly Hall Supply Co. is a Black-owned dermatologist-developed line of products created with the goal of making high-quality skin care less intimidating and more accessible to “anyone with skin”. The products individually range from $7-$18, and can also be purchased in bundles. Holly Hall Supply Co. is here to simplify your journey to skin care.

BELLA Magazine was able to talk to Justin Moore, Founder of Holly Hall Supply Co. about his company.

Tell me a little about yourself and how you got started in the world of skincare? 

I literally grew up in my father’s dermatology practice so I’ve always been interested in skin care. I’ve seen first hand what it can do for people’s confidence and even their livelihood. Skin care is one of the rare things that affects us all. I’m a corporate lawyer by trade, but skin care has always been my passion and nothing makes me happier than helping people improve their confidence through their skin care regimen.

Describe in your own words what Holly Hall Supply Co. is. 

Holly Hall Supply Co. is the response to an industry that doesn’t roll out the red carpet for people who don’t have a lot of experience with skin care. It can often be intimidating and overly complicated. We provide dermatologist-quality products that are simple yet ridiculously effective.

Is there anything readers of BELLA should know about the brand?

Our products are dermatologist-developed, paraben free and made for anyone who has skin.

Check out Holly Hall Supply Co. on Instagram @HollyHallSupply and on their website https://hollyhallsupply.com


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