How Hollywood’s Hottest Celebs Keep Their Minds Healthy: Achieve A Happier And Healthier Mindset This Fall

From a young age, the importance of getting a combination of five fruits and vegetables a day is drilled into most people. The evidence behind this concept is that eating five portions of fruits or vegetables packed full of vitamins will keep the body healthy. But what about the mind? Why isn’t mental wellness made a priority like good physical health is?

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Are there things that can improve your mental health and keep your mind healthy? If you were to ask this question to many of the hottest Hollywood celebrities, they would say yes. You see, unlike a lot of ‘regular’ people, celebrities know the importance of taking care of their mental health. This is because they’re constantly in the spotlight and under a lot of stress.

Here’s how you can achieve a healthier mind this fall, according to Hollywood’s hottest celebrities.

A good diet



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It’s no secret that all the hottest celebs follow highly nutritious diets, packed full of superfoods. A lot of people believe that a good diet only impacts physical health, but that’s not necessarily true. Studies have shown that there is a link between eating well and having a healthy mindset. Various mental health organizations have found that a healthy diet can prevent mental health problems. These include conditions like depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. That’s not to say a diet high in superfoods will prevent the onset of these conditions. However, what research has shown is that, in some cases, there is the potential for a healthy diet to make the onset of these conditions less likely. Due to the stress associated with being in the spotlight, a lot of celebrities suffer from mental health problems, at one time or another. Hence why they’re so clued up when it comes to the health of their minds.

Keeping your mind busy

Various studies have shown that the key to having a healthy mind is keeping your brain active. This doesn’t mean constantly working so that you become overly stressed out. What it means is doing activities that keep your brain busy but aren’t overly strenuous. Brain training puzzles used to be the in-thing for mental health. Although they are useful for keeping one part of your brain active, they do very little for the rest of it. However, activities like adult coloring and crocheting, are said to be even more beneficial for the brain. This is because they keep your mind busy but are highly therapeutic, as they are both forms of repetitive activity. Repetitive activity is good for the mind because it allows it to relax and unwind and focus purely on the task at hand. The likes of Eva Longoria and Madonna, among many other celebs, swear by crocheting for relieving stress. So if it’s a good enough stress reliever for them and their hectic schedules, it’s sure to work wonders for you.


Take note of what the stars say


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The date that you were born impacts your behavior and character, according to astrology. While a lot of people don’t think that their star sign or alignment of the planets impacts their life in any way, there are a lot of people who live by the stars. This is because, as AstroStyle suggests, the stars can impact the path of your life in many ways. They can affect every area of your life, from your relationships to your health. So listening to what the stars say, could be worth doing if you want to achieve a healthy mind. If your star sign recommends that you spend some time relaxing, the chances are that you should take some time out. Believe it or not, a lot of celebrities swear by their star signs and follow what astrology says.  The Kardashian / Jenner family, for instance, take astrology seriously and listen to what the stars say.

Keep stress at bay

It’s no secret that one of the main causes of an unhealthy mind is stress. That’s why if you want to achieve a healthier and happier mind, it’s crucial to learn how to manage stress effectively. Ask any celebrity that has a hectic schedule about what keeps them sane, and they’ll say effective stress management. The methods that different celebrities use to manage stress will differ of course. But you’ll find that for most people living in the spotlight, stress management is an important part of their daily routine. The reason so many celebrities swear by meditational exercise like yoga is because of the amount of stress that they’re under. However you choose to manage stress is up to you, all that matters is that you find a way to do so. Because, if you don’t, it will impact your mental health and could lead to anxiety or depression. Whether exercise, meditation, cooking, or something else is your stress reliever, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you have an effective method to use to help keep any stress that you’re under, under control.

Talk about how you’re feeling


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Almost every celebrity has a therapist. In Hollywood, it’s normal to see a therapist – or six different ones for six different things. However, for a lot of ‘regular’ people, the idea of seeing a therapist is not a popular one. There’s a stigma that surrounds therapy, but there shouldn’t be. Sometimes, sharing how you’re feeling with someone objective can be just what you need to keep your mind healthy. A lot of us obsess about different things, which can eventually lead to mental health problems. However, by working through the things that are bothering us, we can help to ensure that our minds are kept healthy. This is especially beneficial if we talk to someone who’s a professional therapist.

If only mental health was treated like physical health, with as much emphasis put on the importance of keeping our minds healthy. If this were the case, we’d be happier for it. Ask any celebrity about the importance of having a healthy mind. They’ll tell you it’s just as important as being physically healthy, because, believe it or not, it is.

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