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Jeff Lewis

When you hear the name Jeff Lewis, so many things come to mind: Top designer, TV star, witty, (very) direct, and amazingly talented! Having designed some of the most desirable homes in Los Angeles, Lewis is widely regarded as America’s most well-known “house flipper” and designer from his role in two highly rated Bravo docu-series “” and “Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis.”


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After founding his own design firm, Jeff Lewis Design in 2009, he was selected by House Beautiful to design their 2010 “Kitchen of the Year” project, which was showcased in Rockefeller Center. A year later, consumer products giant Johnson & Johnson tapped Lewis to curate the design of toothbrushes for their REACH by Design brand. To follow up on this success, the up and coming star launched a paint line called Jeff

Lewis Color in 2013, which offers a palette of 32 muted neutral colors and is sold nationwide.

Through his work, Lewis has created properties that are in harmony with and exemplified by exterior and interior living spaces. When it comes to renovation, Lewis believes in finding the true integrity of the house and then breathing life back into the space in a way that will connect with a certain type of buyer. By taking his knowledge

of 20+ years of designing and renovating
his own homes, Lewis is now designing and consulting on client projects across the country with his ever-present unfiltered personality.

Here, he shares some exclusive secrets and tips to live your most BELLA life at home …

Your work has a sense of elegance and timeless appeal. What do you think helps achieve this in your design?

I try not to subscribe to short-lived fads or trends. My clients are self-made people who know the value of a dollar. They want longevity in their design.

Can you tell us three key elements that make up a well-designed room?

One: You need a focal point. Whether it’s a fireplace, a window, or a kitchen island, I try to design around that element. Two: Scale is paramount. You can completely throw off a room with over- or undersized pieces of furniture. The right-sized coffee table, accent table, and/or sofa is essential in a balanced room. And three: The right amount of color in upholstery, drapery, rugs, pillow, or accessories will bring a room to life.

How do you decide the paint color for a room?

Ultimately, the clients have to live in the space, so I consult with them first to find what colors they respond to. I always design and paint with a neutral palette. If my client

is drawn to red, I won’t necessarily paint a wall with that color but I’ll find a way to bring it into the room using art, flowers, or accent pillows.

In your opinion, what do you think is the one must-have item that completes a space? Plants, flowers, or a potted tree – it brings life.

What is the most commonly asked question you get asked?

It’s “What color should I paint my living room?” Ninety percent of my clients at the moment want greys on their walls.

What advice would you give someone about decluttering their home?

I remove everything from the room and slowly edit as I bring things back. I find that I don’t need as many pieces of furniture and accessories.

What’s your definition of beauty within a space?

When scale, color, texture, and color blend seamlessly together.

Tell us what your dream home looks like.

It changes day to day but at the moment, I would love to build a very modern, sleek, minimal one-story-view home with 14-foot ceilings, concrete floors, and walls of glass that overlook an infinity pool

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