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Honey, Honey

Our Beauty Director Janene Mascarella shares the buzzy beauty ingredient she’s sweet on.

Ever since grade school, I’ve been mixing up all kinds of beauty concoctions (homemade hair and face masks, acne treatments, face and body scrubs) using honey as the main ingredient. And that was long before I even knew of all the powerful and bonafide benefits. Turns out, I was on to something!

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“Honey is super effective in helping the skin heal itself and prevent further irritation and infection,” says Charlene Valledor, president of SOS Beauty. “It is rich in amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals, and acts as a natural anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and humectant for the skin and hair. Just like any natural product, the attributes can vary depending on the source, so you definitely want to make sure that you’re using a high-quality product in order to get the best result.”

My personal favorite is Manuka honey, a monofloral honey produced from nectar of the New Zealand native mānuka tree. It’s no wonder this “liquid gold” is a buzzing trend in skincare. This premium honey is widely known for its anti-bacterial properties thanks to the key compounds found in UMF-verified Manuka honey.

Reading to get glowing?

New Zealand Manuka honey brand Comvita has an all-natural, skin-loving DIY facemask recipe I have been doing for years to brighten and moisturize my skin—especially post summer.


• 2 tsp Comvita Manuka honey($56.99,

• ½ tsp organic lemon juice• 1 tsp aloe vera (optional)


1. Heat a pot of water until water begins to boil.

2. Stand over the pot (at a safe distance), and allow the steam to open the pores for 1-2minutes.

3. Mix the honey and lemon juice and stir well. *For sensitive skin types, aloe vera gel can be used in place of lemon juice.

4. Gently dab the honey-lemon mix over the face, being careful to avoid contact with the eyes.

5. Let the mask sit for 15-20


No time to DIY? These are the five queen bee-worthy faves I swear by for fabulous skin on the fly…

Cobalt Honey Skincare Sweet C Serum

This honey-infused Vitamin C serum is formulated with three forms of Vitamin C and a touch of honey to brighten and smooth skin. Daily use helps provide brighter tone, smooth texture, and fade blemishes.


Karisma Skincare Quickie Honey Mask

This lightweight organic and natural honey and botanical gel mask intensely hydrates and purifies your skin. Active ingredients illuminate skin immediately, while powerful antioxidants promote cell repair and renewal.


Aloisia Beauty Honey Glow Mask 

This one is enriched with a deeply nourishing blend of honey, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, and Camelia sinesis (green tea extract) to purify, soothe, and moisturize inflamed, irritated skin associated with acne, dryness, and environmental stress. The result—a restored glow you’ll love!

$8.50 for one mask,

PRI Biohoney Natural Acne Cream

This hero cream helps treat acne naturally and promotes clearer, healthier skin with 20% high strength Manuka honey MGO 300+ and Manuka oil to aid the breakdown of acne-causing sebum. There’s also apricot oil to soothe and replenish skin.


Swisse Manuka Honey Cleansing Clay Mask

This luxurious mask is formulated with charcoal and Australian kaolin clay to cleanse and purify, leaving skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Aloe vera extract hydrates and conditions the complexion, leaving it feeling smooth and moisturized—ideal for blemish-prone skin.



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