Hot Artist Alert: Skylar Stecker

Skylar Stecker, is an artist you are going to want to keep your eye on. The new artist already has over 17 million streams on Spotify and over 33 million streams on YouTube. Skylar debuted her EPK “Earth Signs” in July. Since then Skylar has been working on her music and connecting with fans.

BELLA Magazine talked new music and career with Skylar…

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Tell me about yourself, what got you into music? 

I started at a very young age doing National Anthems at pro-sporting events which led to me writing and releasing original material on YouTube and touring throughout the U.S to help gain experience and grow my fan base.

Was your deam to always be an artist? How did you know this was something you wanted to do? 

Yes, once I started singing and performing, I knew that becoming an artist was what I was meant to do. I would sit in my room for days arranging music and finding new creative ways to express myself.

What is your goal in your career? 

My goals are endless. I want to do it all!

What has been your favorite part of your journey? Is there anything that stands out to you? 

I can’t pinpoint one single thing as my favorite part because the entire 10-year journey has all been very memorable to me. I am so grateful for every single experience I have had along the way and look forward to many more!

What should we expect from you in the future?

I have a lot of music in the works that I am excited to share very soon.


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