Hotels Are Turning To Landscape-Inspired Designs

As more and more people seek out authentic experiences, the appetite for a connection to the world continues to grow among travelers. Landscape-inspired design holistically creates this by drawing in the most compelling elements of the natural world and allowing them to organically spill into the interiors and built world in which we interact.

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Hotels such as the recently unveiled Senna House in Scottsdale, AZ are connecting guests with the environment. Designed by Studio 11 Design, co-founder Kellie Sirna sought to bring the surrounding Sonoran Desert as well as artistic energy of Old Town Scottsdale’s Entertainment District into the property’s bones. Senna House’s residential feel is largely inspired by Arizona’s five ‘C’s’ which are reflected in the hotel’s locationally-driven color story and grounded in rich Copper tones with accents of Citrus; supple leather upholstery (Cattle); casual Cotton textures; and natural finishes evocative of the region (Climate). To transform the desert’s natural beauty into an artistic focal point, Studio 11 Design artfully framed Camelback and the McDowell Mountains through expansive, sweeping vistas.

Sirna says, “Landscape-inspired design has really taken off in the past year or so, although I think there’s been a slow build towards it. There was a time in the recent past where glamour and luxury were synonymous with glass, steel and the avant garde. There was a craving for an international aesthetic. That is changing though. The changing environmental climate and need for increased sustainability inspired the farm-to-table, local movement, which quickly expanded beyond food and into architecture and design. The landscape-inspired movement takes its cues from this movement, but through a more narrow, almost hyper-focused lens. It dials into the geographic location of a place and challenges one to find the beauty within immediate surroundings.”

Pops of greenery and plant life blur the line between the interiors and exteriors, a notion synonymous with the desert in Scottsdale. Native cacti and succulents imbue a coolness into spaces that visually embrace the warmth and expanse of the desert for peaceful, solitary moments at work or celebratory times of congregation. The natural textures of the Arizona landscape are balanced with repeating triangular patterns and warm chestnut architectural panels. Vertical space is transformed with hanging plants and handmade light fixtures that create the feeling of a hideaway and respite from a sweeping sky. By intentionally drawing the Sonoran Desert and Arizona landscape into Senna House, Studio 11 Design crafted a modern property that is of, and for, the land. 

“Landscape-inspired asks that we go beyond a first glance and really study the surrounding areas to understand what makes its natural aspects so compelling and what its fundamental elements are,” adds Sirna. “In addition to a true understanding of an area’s natural landscape and its most fundamental elements, one must also be able to identify special moments and unique characteristics within the fundamentals.”

Eastwind Hotels was created in 2018 by a group of friends Bjorn Boyer, Julija Stoliarova & Dan Cipriani, each with hospitality backgrounds, who came together to cultivate a distinctive space for gathering amidst nature. Now offering boutique properties and elevated camping among the Catskill and Adirondack Mountains, Eastwind Hotels are ideal for elemental experiences and forming authentic connections with family and friends and creating new relationships as well. Keeping intentional hospitality at the brand’s core, Eastwind Hotels each tell their own individual story through Scandinavian-inspired, curated Mid Century Vintage design. Eastwind Lake Placid is an imaginative, year-round, boutique retreat in the heart of the Adirondacks ideal for elemental getaways and gatherings. Authentic connections to nature will thrive through 26 designer-curated accommodations incorporating mid-century vintage styling with classic Scandinavian design and postmodern inspiration. Creative director and co-owner Julija Stoliarova sourced all decor and furnishings herself, handpicking each piece to tell Lake Placid’s stories and ensuring each space incorporates a unifying warmth only home can provide.

Turtle Bay Resort’s reinvention was led by a team of hospitality visionaries, including award-winning architect Rob Iopa, a Hilo native who has been active in the conservation and planning efforts on the North Shore. Working in tandem with Los Angeles-based interior designer Dianna Wong, they were guided by a deep respect and gratitude for the land, Hawaii’s natural beauty and the ever-embracing spirit of Aloha and adventure for which the island is best known. The newly transformed resort completely embraces the captivating beauty and natural splendor of Oahu’s North Shore, designed to bring the outside in by incorporating minimalist design and natural materials, such as weathered teak, natural concrete stone, and rattan. The resort sourced furnishings made of materials indigenous to Hawaii, including monkeypod tree tables handcrafted by artisans located on the North Shore. These design choices further establish the resort’s overarching ethos; Aloha Aina, a love of and nurturing care for the ancient land.


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