House of Wise Debuts Strength CBD Gummies to Fuel Your Workouts

Founded by Amanda Goetz, House of Wise is a unique CBD brand targeted specifically for women. Their high-quality, originally formulated full-spectrum CBD gummies are made to help empower women in all aspects of their lives, and help take control of their jam-packed every day lives.

For those of you not as familiar with all the components of CBD, while it is commonly thought to elicit relaxation or a sense of calmness, it is actually a powerful carrier agent, meaning that it helps to maximize the effects of the active ingredients it is paired with, such as caffeine, vitamins, etc.

House of Wise has made an impact with their individually wrapped gummies, each thoughtfully crafted to help with either stress, sleep, or sex…and now, they have just launched new strength gummies to their line of products.

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The brand new strength gummies combine 15mg of full-spectrum CBD with 60mg of caffeine and B vitamins, and 10mg of beetroot juice to help reduce inflammation, increase focus, energy and endurance, as well as help red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body more efficiently, which helps prevent fatigue. It is recommended to take the strength gummy 30 minutes prior to your workout, and even though it contains caffeine, you won’t get any of those jitters that often come with it. It’s a much smoother supplement to try than your typical pre-workout. Goetz explains her reasoning behind developing the product: “Making space and being intentional about my time at the gym became much more challenging, so I explored supplements to help me find energy and endurance. With everything I tried, I still lacked focus, found I was too sensitive to the large quantities of caffeine, and was highly skeptical of all the ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce.”

She continues, “I knew I wanted to develop a preworkout solution to serve high-performing women who just wanted to use movement and fitness to better their bodies and their minds. I get energy from working out. I sleep better when I’ve expended energy through exercise. I am able to manage my stress when I’m well rested. I sleep better when I have an orgasm and release oxytocin. Our strength and fitness, stress, sleep and sexual wellness are all intrinsically interdependent, which is why I’ve chosen to focus on these key areas for our collection of high-quality CBD products.”

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