How many sessions does laser hair removal take?

Laser Hair Removal London treatments are becoming the most popular choice as it is an effective, quick, and safe way to get your skin smoother and permanently reduce hair follicles. Many people are opting for this hair removal method as it helps them remove unwanted hair and is great for those with a busy lifestyle as the results can last for many years. There are many alternative hair removal methods, but they do not provide the benefits of laser hair removal, from the time-saving, money-saving, reduction of skin irritation, and many more.

This treatment is most effective when it is performed within a course of treatments. It can vary from person to person as everyone has different hair types, and even hormonal imbalances like PCOS can impact the number of treatments required. Generally speaking, most clinics will offer six to eight treatments to achieve up to 80% permanent hair reduction as the hairs are at different growth phases throughout a course of treatments, which allows all hairs to be targeted. Of course, this can vary due to hormones, and after pregnancy, women may notice hairs begin to return but can be maintained with top-up laser treatments.

If you have treatments on the body, you can expect to leave between six to eight-week intervals in between treatments. In contrast, you should schedule treatments every four weeks for facial hair removal as the face is a hormonal area, and hairs grow back quicker on this area. Your clinic will assess your hair types and give you a timeline of what to expect throughout your course of treatments and whether you would be suitable for treatments. Laser hair removal cannot be treated on grey, blonde and red hairs currently as the technology cannot detect these hair colours and melanin within the skin for effective treatments. If you find these hair colours and laser hair removal is not suited for you, you may opt for other methods like Electrolysis and discuss with your practitioner.

Many people will notice around 10% reduction after each treatment passes by; after your first treatment, the hair will grow back as normal, and after two weeks have passed by, the hair will begin to shed, and then you may notice it grow back finer when it comes back again. To have the best results and course of treatments, you should ensure the skin is shaved before your appointment so the laser can target active hairs and less pain. You want to avoid sun exposure and fake tan as this can push your appointments back as the clinic would need to make sure the treatment is safe to perform and can burn the skin if it is performed on superficial tanned skin. The clinic you attend would provide you with a list of pre and post-care information to follow throughout your course of treatments for the best results.

If you’re looking to start laser hair removal, make sure you do your research before choosing a clinic and ensure they have the qualifications, expertise, and technology to provide you with the best treatments.

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