How These Inspiring Business Women Came Out On Top Despite COVID19 Risings

As many local businesses are struggling to survive amidst the protracted economic impact on their operations resulting from COVID-19, one such woman-owned business that seems to have found a silver lining in the challenges presented by the pandemic is Magic Moon Sisters, a spiritual shop located in Great Kills.

The owners, April McNally Entrieri and Tina Caruselle, made the difficult decision last month to shutter their current location at 4116 Hylan Blvd. and bring their merchandise, consultative services, and educational courses fully online. This will, of course, allow them to significantly broaden their community and offer assistance to many in need of healing and spiritual guidance — without the constraints of a brick and mortar location.

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Since April and Tina also value the importance of maintaining a sense of community in their hometown, they plan to host in-person, monthly meet-ups in Staten Island for those interested in participating and in accordance with social distancing guidelines. The classes and meet ups will begin in September. Through rough times such as these, it is important we all make sure to not only heal and take care of ourselves, but one another as well.  If anything positive has come out of the world being introduced to COVID-19, it is that we all learned to finally come together, as one.

I connected with both April and Tina, to get more inside scoop on how they helped their community through times such as these.

Tell us about how you started this business, and how long it has been in the community.

We started this business in 2014. We came from an upbringing of holistic health and magic. We were both fortunate enough to grasp the delicate interconnection of the two at an early age. We felt people needed to understand this and learn how to make this connection as well. It is our passion. Tina has worked in the conventional medical field and holistic field for over 20 years, while April worked in spiritual counseling and mediumship for more than 30 years. We both felt the calling, and with the support of our families, wanted to spread this knowledge, which is so critical in today’s world.

When Covid-19 hit, what was the first thing that ran through your minds regarding your business?

When Covid-19 hit, our first thought was, “Okay, we will reopen soon; this is like a bad flu.” But, as time went on, we were really concerned about how we needed to rethink our business operations to stay open. To be honest, we had a tremendous amount of fear of closing if we did not adapt to the “new normal.”

At what point did you eventually turn things around, despite everything going on in the world?

As soon as we knew we had to close our doors, we threw ourselves into working on our online presence. We had many setbacks — between one of us working as a nurse and losing a family member to Covid-19 — but, despite that, we always kept our mission in mind: to be the spiritual, relaxing and supportive place for people.

Can you tell us a little bit about how your community responded to the virus, and how you helped to heal them during these harsh times?

We have made our social media (Facebook and Instagram) available to the community for any and all questions. Whether it is for advice, orders, general questions on how to cleanse and more. We spend a lot of time answering emails and messages on social media, so everyone can still feel connected.  Our womens’ group, called the Red Tent Goddess Group, met once a month at the store. When Covid-19 hit, we realized that this meetup was and is essential for the emotional health of our members, so we kept it going via Zoom to let them know “we are still here.

Do you believe you ladies have come out of events such as these, stronger, in both mental/emotional, and business aspects?

Absolutely! We feel even more inspired — especially after the reaction we received from our most valued customers when we first shared the news of our intent to transition from a brick and mortar operation to a virtual shop. The outpouring of love and support was nothing short of inspiring, and it pushed us to work even harder to create a broader digital footprint. We have endured much hardship and personal crisis during this time, and we can honestly say that the support we received was a tremendous help. We have updated our website to make it easier to shop or browse, we have increased the frequency of our blogs, and we have created a bigger family within our community as a result. We feel we have become stronger. In a way, Covid-19 forced us to take this shop in a different direction and adapt to changes, while at the same time, face our own shortcomings and overcome them. We believe this has brought us to an entirely new level. There have been many significant changes regarding location, staff and more. But, overall, we remain guided by our true mission: We are here to help people in any situation, and to be the place of wellness, spiritually, emotionally and physically.


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