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How to Achieve Firm, Smooth, Ageless Skin

Summer can take a toll on anyone’s skin. Long days at the beach full of saltwater splashes, wind-burnt cheeks, harmful rays, and pore-clogging sunscreens can really have your skin begging for attention— not to mention the ever-present effects of fine lines, wrinkles, and (gasp!) aging.

Before now, you may have tried a bevy of products from exfoliants to peels, but to no avail. The solution? Enter Mario Badescu Peptide Renewal.

The new products from the skincare guru hailed by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Natalie Portman, and Martha Stewart has introduced a line of Peptide Renewal products to help you achieve that coveted smooth, toned, ageless skin.

Bye bye, dull, dry summer skin. Mario Badescu Peptide Renewal Serum (1 oz., $45), targets dry and mature skin with a soothing blend of youth-boosting peptides and botanicals. This blend of Peptides and Sorghum Bicolor Stalk Juice work together to help encourage a smoother, more lifted and toned appearance while White Willow Bark keeps dull, lackluster skin at bay—all contributing to a clear, radiant and youthful complexion. The serum even includes extracts like chamomile and aloe vera to smooth the most sensitive of skin types.

The Peptide Renewal Serum pairs well with new, Mario Badescu Peptide Renewal Cream (1 oz., $35) to fight fine lines, sagging skin and wrinkles with a blend of anti-aging peptides, nourishing botanicals and other naturally-derived ingredients to nurture aging skin. The powerful peptides in this miracle cream team up with Nori Extract and Sorghum Bicolor Stalk Juice to help target wrinkles, all while helping to lift and firm areas of the face, neck and décolletage. The Peptide Renewal Cream‘s Hyaluronic Acid encourages improved moisture levels on the skin’s surface, while White Willow Bark keeps the skin looking clear and vibrant.

So don’t let your damaged summer skin carry over into a vibrant, new season— let the peptides go to work for you and emerge this fall with the firm, smooth, ageless skin that every woman can admit to coveting.

About the Author:

With her finger on the pulse of all things chic, Kaitlyn Kirby is the Founder and Editor in Chief of popular digital lifestyle publications, Mini Magazine and Tulle Magazine. She has also recently begun detailing her must-have fashion and beauty finds on new style destination KATEVIOLET.

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