How To Be A Gift Guru

Do you always look forward to receiving gifts from one person every Christmas or birthday? Some people just seem to have a knack for buying great gifts. If you’re keen to up your gift game and achieve guru status, here are some simple rules to follow.

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Work with your budget

How often have you been gifted something incredible that probably only cost a few dollars? Sometimes, expensive presents are incredible, but you don’t always have to spend a fortune to make somebody smile. Most of us don’t have an unlimited budget when it comes to buying presents for friends and family, so work with what you’ve got, and try and make your money stretch further. Be creative, and use some savvy shopping rules. Look out for bargains and make use of promotions and offer codes. Keep an eye out for flash discounts and sales. If you’re looking for jewelry, for example, you could check out the overstock jewelry sale and sterling silver jewelry at ELF925. If you like ideas you see online or in-store, think of ways you could recreate them for less. Take a hamper, for example. In a store, you could pay $100, but if you put a personalized basket together at home, you’ll pay a lot less, and you can stuff it full of things the recipient loves.


Think only of the recipient

When you’re shopping, it can be very easy to dismiss potential presents because you don’t like them. Your eye may be drawn to things that you like the look of, but you need to remember that you’re buying for somebody else. Tailor your search to their taste, and think only about what they would like. If you’re struggling for ideas, use their hobbies and interests as a source of inspiration. Do they love cooking or do they spend every spare moment in the gym? Are they a big music fan or are they obsessed with beauty products?


When you’re looking for presents, try not to focus on what your friend, sister or dad needs. We tend to buy things we need for ourselves, so treat them to something they want.


Be original

If you look for tips when shopping for occasions like Mother’s Day or Christmas, you’re likely to find a list of gifts that are lovely, but not all that original. Candles, socks, bubble bath, and bunches of flowers are perfectly nice, but often, you could do better. Unless your friend is a die-hard fan of taking a bath, go for something a little different.


When it comes to buying presents, there’s growing pressure to get it right. We’re all trying to outdo each other, and we’re celebrating more occasions than ever before so it can be hard to keep up. When you’re shopping, have a budget in mind, and always remember that you’re not looking for something you love. Think about the individual, what they like doing, and what they would love to buy if they were shopping for things they wanted, rather than things they needed. Be original, and always tailor your selections to the individual.

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