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How to Create an Athleisure Style of Your Own


If you are following all the latest trends in fashion, you’ve probably come across the term “athleisure.” It’s a relatively new word in the world of fashion and one which is gaining popularity by the day. Perhaps one of the most telling aspects of athleisure is that this is a style in which you can literally create your own look and be accepted on any social level from the tennis courts to the office to a night on the town. Here are a few tips on how to create a look that suits you well.

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First – What Exactly Is Athleisure?

According to an article on the Fabric of Our Lives website, athleisure can be defined as the perfect intersection where style meets comfort. What better way to describe an outfit that is comfortable enough to wear from morning until night without being worse for the wear? Today’s woman is more active than ever before and it is common to go from the office to the mall and then to a lovely dinner and perhaps a show, all without taking the train home to change. Athleisure fits the bill perfectly. It’s comfort and style literally fit for the royals, the younger generation that is!

A Word on Comfort

Have you noticed stunning pants being worn to the office as of late? Remember, this is a generation on the move at all hours of the day and night so comfort has become a priority in any woman’s wardrobe. Even fashionable yoga pants worn with a silk scarf tied around the head have become popular in the office and if the scarf is of silk and the designer sneakers are Gucci shoes, as found on a high-end fashion site like SSENSE, all the better. Visit SSENSE and you can add some flattering designer ensembles to give any outfit a boost.

Start With Your Body Type

Obviously, not all women can get away with the overly baggy legs of trendy yoga pants, but with athleisure, it doesn’t really matter! Long peasant blouses and skirts are trending and if you are a bit wider in the hips, this is an outfit made in heaven. Over blouses are trending, the baggier the better. Often worn with leggings or skinny jeans, these hide those little curves that got a bit out of control over time. Even so, in today’s world of fashion, big is better, so flaunt those curves all you want!

Wear What Makes YOU Feel Good

Perhaps the most attractive feature of athleisure is the fact that you can mix and match to wear what makes YOU feel good. Unless you are attending a formal engagement, there is nothing in the rule book of fashion that says you can’t sport a high-end pair of Gucci sneakers with a long peasant skirt and a small bag worn over the shoulder. Again, comfort is the foundation of today’s trending styles, so wear what makes you feel great and you will look as great as you feel.

If there is one term to remember as a fashionista of the 21st century, it would be athleisure. All the top houses of fashion feature athleisure designs, so never be too afraid to wear this trend at home, at the office, at a dinner party or for a day at the mall. What better way is there to create a look that is totally you, which you can wear in almost any setting? Athleisure is the way to go.

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