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How to Go Vegan in 3 Easy Steps

By Gina LaGuardia

Although Koya Webb is a now an internationally recognized holistic health and wellness expert whose clients include singer India Arie, NBA champ John Salley, and movie Brett Ratner, when she originally told her Southern family she was vegan, they were in complete shock. “It’s hilarious at holiday events when I’m at the table with my family and they have 5-7 different types of animal protein and even season the veggies with a little “fat back,” Koya explains.

Nonetheless, the now author, motivational speaker and professional fitness model is helping revolutionize vegan cuisine, yoga and holistic living. Here, Koya’s three tips for making a vegan transformation:

1 – Focus on fruits and vegetables 
“I eat more fruits and veggies than anything else. So, even though I will try anything vegan, I make sure most of my diet consists fresh fruits and veggies. I encourage my clients to have a morning green smoothie and at least one salad a day.

2 – Drink your way to better health
“I remind my clients to drink a lot of water to aid in elimination; the body will naturally detoxify itself when combined the all of the fiber from fruits and veggies.”

3 – Remember the greater cause 
“Being vegan is eco-friendly! Just knowing my choices in food are making the world a better place makes me feel good everyday.”

Koya encourages her family, friends and clients to take 10 days out of every month to try vegan. To take her up on her challenge, check out her book “Koya’s Kuisine: Foods You Love That Love You Back” or visit

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