How To Look Your Best After a Flight


One flight can totally transform you.  There are not that many places in the world that you can enter and leave looking like a totally different person.  With that said, welcome to the world of Beauty & Flying.

Now, let me get clear.

The transformation you get from an airplane flight is NOT PRETTY.  In fact, it’s the last thing you want to get when you take a flight.  Absolutely, LAST THING.

When you are on a plane, you are not in a natural environment and your skin hates it.  Did I say HATE?

So, show your skin some love next time you take flight.  Unless, you want that transformation (then never mind me).

Moisturizing is key.  Here’s a simple guideline.

  • Flight 2 Hours or Less:  Moisturize your face right before you board.  Drink at least 8oz of water during your flight.  Moisturize your face as soon as you disembark from the airplane.
  • Flight 2 Hours or More:  Include the exact steps from above AND Moisturize your face halfway thru your flight.

As you can tell, the key to surviving a flight is MOISTURIZING.  The unnatural air that is circulated in the airplane is terrible for your skin.

I think you got my drift. Early check-in is now open.

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