How to make the most of (new) summer dating

Spring fever had singles coming out of their PJs and winter hibernation, although many were still dating in lockdown and with limited contact. Many venues were still closed or operating with a small capacity to service people. As the summer approaches and post-pandemic singles are eager to get out and about, however, millions of singles are now re-entering real-life dating.

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As a professional matchmaker who works with singles across North America, I can say that more and more of them are ditching phone calls and video dates for face-to-face meet-ups. Singles are tired of technology when it comes to dating, and they’re looking to connect physically after more than a year-long lockdown that cramped their dating game.

Can you relate? If so, here are three ways to make the most of post-pandemic summer dating.

1 Get Outdoors and Get Active

It’s not surprising that singles worldwide are rushing outdoors to enjoy the summer weather and the opportunity to connect with friends and family they have missed. There are countless benefits to getting outside and getting active with a partner. To begin with, there are many perks that come with exercise and physical activity, such as extended life span, stress relief, increased happiness, and emotional bonding with your partner. For singles who value a healthy lifestyle, being active establishes a mutual commitment and places value on being healthy and fit.

2 Get on Clubhouse, or try a new social app

Clubhouse is an invite-only app that allows people to connect through their voice on an audio platform. I recently officiated the very first Clubhouse wedding of a couple who met in one of my matchmaking rooms. Natasha Grano and Michael Graziano were two successful entrepreneurs who happened to be at the right place at the right time. When Natasha heard Michael’s voice on my Clubhouse stage, she said, “It was love at first voice.”

Natasha instantly connected to Michael’s energy and what he stood for. They ended up interviewing one another on Natasha’s podcast, and continued their long-distance correspondence until Michael flew in the middle of the pandemic from Vancouver, Canada, to the UK, where Natasha lived. Within 10 weeks they were married as both were crystal clear on who they wanted in a life partner, all thanks to an app. Virtual meet-ups online and through various social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn, are proving quite successful in the search for love.

3 Take a road trip or hop on a flight

Before the pandemic, I matched many singles with potential partners through other collaborating matchmakers across the country. I’ve had singles from LA fly to New York, Boston to NYC, Utah to Miami, Toronto to Vancouver, and beyond. Now that travel restrictions are lifted, singles looking for a connection outside of their social circle or even their local city are finding that being open to travel to meet a partner creates more opportunities.

One of my coaching clients, who currently lives in North Carolina, felt there were not enough men in her area who fit her criteria. We mutually decided she would expand her geographical reach to other cities to increase her pool of eligible men to meet. If you have the time and resources to travel (even a road trip will do!), having the ability to meet up with someone potentially compatible outside of your area will significantly increase your chances of meeting a life partner. You just may find your perfect partner in a different zip code.

Take advantage of the warmer summer weather, longer days, and plenty of activities and places opening up post-pandemic to help you find love. Connection is at an all-time high, and I highly recommend you swap your phones for eye contact and a chance to meet someone in real life!


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