How To Save Money On Self-Storage In 2021

By Ella Woodward

Self-storage units can be used for a number of different purposes. From storing furniture during a house move or renovation project to packing up the contents of your student dorm room during the summer, there is guaranteed to be a storage solution out there to suit all lifestyles and budgets. Cost is one of the first factors you should consider when shopping around for your next storage facility. Continue reading to find out how to choose the right unit for you at the right price.

Be organized

When it comes to choosing a self-storage facility, you must ensure your personal belongings have been organized and categorized ahead of time. This can streamline the entire process and ensure you are only paying to store the items you need and want. If your belongings have been stored haphazardly with no care or attention, you may end up including items that weren’t supposed to be there in the first place. This can cost you time and money driving to and from your self-storage unit a number of times to retrieve or unload any missing items. By compiling a checklist, you can ensure the catalogue of items in your self-storage facility is correct and up to date.


Before transporting your personal belongings to a self-storage unit, you must get rid of any unwanted items ahead of time. This can save you time and money in the long run by reducing the number of items that need to be stored. This can also be a great opportunity to donate any unwanted possessions to those less fortunate or sell them at a local garage sale. By decluttering your home, you can save space as well as money. It is worth remembering that self storage prices can differ depending on a number of factors including individual location and storage requirements. Shop around to find a local facility to suit you and your storage needs.

Pack efficiently

Once you have decided which items have made the cut, you must pack them efficiently. Inefficient or lazy packing can take up precious space and increase your final storage costs. By condensing items, you may end up saving money by requiring a much smaller self-storage unit. You may also end up requiring a smaller truck to transport your belongings from your home to your brand-new storage facility. These may seem like minor costs, but little savings can add up over time.


Self-storage prices differ depending on geographical location. If you live in a major city, for example, consider shifting your storage unit to the suburbs to save a little bit of cash. The moving process can be costly enough without wasting money on a storage facility that you can get cheaper elsewhere. Unless you require access to your storage unit on a daily basis, this can be a handy money saving tip. Most storage facilities are accessible by road or public transport, so you’ll never be too far away from your personal belongings.

Read reviews

Finding the right storage facility can be a minefield. With so many companies promising the exact same deal, it can be impossible to know which one to choose.  Online reviews and testimonials can paint an accurate picture of the success of a company and allow you to find out about any additional extras that may affect your final decision and help you seal the deal.

Cost is a key consideration for those looking to temporarily store their possessions in a self-storage unit. By following these tips and tricks, you can find the right storage solution to suit your budget and lifestyle.


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