How to Stop Dieting FOREVER

Hello Sexy thang!!

August is here, and you are feeling like a gorgeous bronzed goddess! Tight and toned from your workouts and energized from the delicious healthy seasonal food you have been eating!  Just like a Victoria’s Secret Model, frolicking on the beach!

And, maybe that’s not the case….

Perhaps the rooftop rose, cheese and charcuterie and BBQ dishes have all started to catch up to you.

Time to go on a diet!!!



Hold that thought, honey!

Diets don’t work.

Diets don’t create lasting change.

Diets (sorry to offend anyone) are kind of lame.

The thought process with a diet is, I am going to do this “thing” , make this change, suffer through the next 7, 10, 14 or 90 days until I get my results….and then I’ll be:








Girlfriend, this is all wrong!

You have to start with the feeeeeling you are trying to create FIRST, before anything is going to change on the outside.


I have a very “practical” client that works at a hedge fund.  I know she has a weight loss goal of about 15-20lbs,  And, yes, of course she is willing to make better food choices, do the workouts and show up for her coaching calls.

What is *all new* territory for her is the idea that, in order for this to work, we need to start with the inner work.  While I know my hedge fund hottie might feel weird visualizing, meditating or having mantras, she is smart enough to know that ALL the other things she has tried before never worked.  Or they worked for a while and then they stopped.  AND the worst part is, that she STILL felt crappy on the inside.

The key to making this change and having a body and life of your dreams is to START with the inside…Because it really is an inside job.

If you want to stop dieting forever, START feeling the way you want to feel.

Start loving yourself RIGHT NOW, no matter what size you are.

Start feeling confident that you have the capacity to change AND maintain your results…because yo-yo dieting is soooo 2012!

This might be scary for you and bring up butterflies of fear, but anything *new* and different may have made you feel that way at first.  Those anxious feelings are really just excitement! Your body’s way of saying: THANK YOU!

If you are ready to STOP DIETING FOREVER, I invite you to schedule a complimentary discovery session with me.

I will hold your hand, support you and if you need it, give you a kick in the booty!

You can create a body and life that is amazing, and I’ll help.



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