How to Take Your Event to New Heights (Literally!)


When many hear the name Brett Galley, they are reminded of the memorable hours they spent in an epic dreamland filled with stunning and stylish décor, dessert drones and bantering champagne aerialists. Brimming with excitement, these attendees get to conjure up memories from epic events as they wait, filled with anticipation, for the next invite to arrive.

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Owner and Director of Special Events at Hollywood POP – one of New York’s most iconic event planning, design and destination booking agencies – Brett Galley knows a thing or two about hosting a memorable bash.  Known as some of the most creative and talented minds in the industry, Galley and her team strive to take each and every one of their events to wondrous new heights (literally!).

Promising what would be considered the impossible, and constantly delivering, here are a few of their best tips:

Dessert Drone anyone?
Looking for a one-of-a-kind aerial appetizer or dessert food service? Cutting edge, radio-controlled drones outfitted with suspended silver serving trays, are flown through high-ceiling space by professional RC pilots towards the end of your party.

Hot Air Balloons will blow guests away!
5-foot helium-filled balloons float silver trays of passed bites through the air. A performer gracefully moves each balloon through the room at up to 40’ high, towing in the trays from midair to serve guests as they pass by.

Bicycles with A Built in Wine Rack
A custom pedal-powered old fashion bicycle will provide spectacular wine, juice or sparkling water service. A chandelier of stemmed glassware spins above the head of the rider, who works with precision as a series of mechanical interactions pour wine into a waiting glass.

Champagne Aerialist bartenders
From the center of an over-sized chandelier of elegant bottles and gems, an aerialist will descend on delicate fabric silks and pour glass after glass of sparkling wine above the heads of enthusiastic guests.


Why not travel to a Top of The Line Breath-Taking Venue 

Such as:

Malibu Rocking Oaks in Malibu California
You want to reach new heights? How about up in the hills of Malibu on a helipad surrounded by vineyards? This venue offers an amazing 360-degree view of Santa Monica Mountains that makes you feel like you are in the clouds.


TreeHouse Point in Issaquah, Washington
There aren’t many more unique venues than a real treehouse. Conveniently located 30 minutes from Seattle, this venue is tucked away in a stunning forest brimming with all the beauty instilled among nature.



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