‘Imagining Diana’ Book Launch

“The first book about Diana that presents her as a real woman.” — Erica Jong

It’s a day I’ll never forget. I was working for a news station in Elmira, New York when the shocking news broke: Princess Diana was killed in what is now known as that fateful and unfortunate Parisian car crash.

I was always a huge Princess Diana fan. I loved her beauty and style and always pored over her fashionable photos. Diana became my personal fashion icon and over the years I became equally awed by her deep compassion and loving spirit. Observing her kindness, watching her holding and caressing the ill and the forgotten, taught me that the beauty of her soul had become more profound than her physical beauty.

Even though it has been 20 years since her passing, her death still seems like some tragic cosmic mishap that should have never happened.

Diane Clehane, author of Diana: The Secrets of Her Style and widely known for her “Wednesdays at Michael’s” column featured in Look Online, has written an elegant and moving novel, Imagining Diana (published by Metabook. The book was launched with a party earlier this week at the Tribeca Grill.

Imagining Diana provides a peek into a parallel universe where the Princess survives the car crash on August 31, 1997, and then goes on to rebuild her life. Clehane spoke of her novel’s aim at the book launch:

“Since her death, Princess Diana has become even more fascinating and impactful. And her legacy lives on in her two boys Prince William and Prince Harry.”

During an interview for The New York Times, Clehane reinforced that she wanted the novel to be true to Diana and to reflect how complex she was.

Imagining Diana belongs to a growing popularity of novels providing “an alternative reality to history,” and in Diane Clehane’s case, a much happier ending for the People’s Princess.

L-R: Diane Clehane and Judy Twersky, of Judy Twersky Public Relations

The celebratory book launch at the Tribeca Grill was both intimate and elegant, much like the author for whom it was given. Clehane was surrounded and supported by her loving family which included her husband and daughter as well as friends from both her personal and business life.

L-R: James J Donovan Jr., Madeline and Diane Clehane
L-R: Diane Clehane, Christian Alfonsi, Dr. Robi Ludwig, Madeline (the author’s daughter), and Rob Shuter
L-R: Senior Editor of Lookonline.com, Laurel Marcus and photographer and editor of Lookonline.com, Lieba Nesis

Some of the people in attendance included her publicists Judy Twersky and Jennifer Bristol, Publishing honchos — Metabook Creator Benjamin Alfonsi, Metabook CEO Christian Alfonsi and Metabook Publisher Ken Siman — Mickey Ateyeh, President of Prestige Brands Division of Accessory Network Group, the Publisher of Lookonline.com,  Ernest Schmatolla, Laurel Marcus, Senior Editor of Lookonline.com, Lieba Nesis, photographer & Editor for Lookonline.com, TV & radio personality and gossip columnist, Rob Shuter, Executive Vice President of TSA Public Relations, Matt Sheldon and News Radio Executive, Wayne Fisk.

Imagining Diana is now available on Amazon and all other digital platforms. It’s a delightful novel expressing what could have been.