Improving Your Facial Appearance


In the movies, the characters always have soft, blemish-free skin and fantastic, and seemingly flawless facial features. However, behind the scenes, they are normal people just like you with flaws that camera angles and special concealers hide. If you want to improve your facial appearance, there are natural ways and surgical procedures that can help you. 

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Family Traits 

Genetics gives you traits acquired from previous generations, which is why siblings with the same parents can look completely different. Sometimes you end up with your great grandmother’s beautiful eyes and other times your grandfather’s large nose. The good news is that if say you are a girl and the large nose pretty much takes away from the rest of your features you can opt to have reconstructive surgery to change it. Just make sure to do your research and find a Board Certified surgeon like Dr. Binder


Even a flawless complexion can look messy and unattractive if you have a bushy, unkempt face. Some nationalities naturally have more facial hair than others. However, there are many ways to keep it under control. For your eyebrows, all you need is a good set of tweezers. Preferably the best time to pluck them is fresh out of the shower when the hair is soft. It’s also important to pull quickly and aim for the root. For men, a clean-shaven face is most attractive. If you have hair around your mouth, your chin and the side of your face, using a warm wax or epilation will give you longer periods without hair. However, if you want to rid yourself on unwanted hair for up to 6 months, laser hair treatments for home use will provide those results. 


Blemishes can form on the skin for a variety of reasons. Acne often occurs in developing teens and young adults due to hormonal changes, clogged pores or a poor diet. Brown patches can develop during pregnancy or as a result of the natural aging process. Thankfully, all of the above are treatable. To remove unwanted blemishes on the skin you can use a cream containing hydroquinone, which bleaches the surface. However, using something such as Retin-A actually restores the skin to a healthier state but the results can take up to several months to see. Another option, laser treatments, is a little more costly but it will give you quick results. 


While wrinkles can form due to bad habits like smoking, or not using sunscreen or wearing sunglasses while outdoors, wrinkles for the most part form as part of the natural aging process. However, the good news is that you can prevent them from developing by eating good foods, getting enough rest, and moisturizers that contain alpha-hydroxyl and Retin-A. If you already have prominent wrinkles, chemical peels, laser and Botox treatments performed in a clinical environment will provide long-lasting results.

Sagging Skin 

Again, the aging process can take away your once beautiful facial features. It can cause you to develop sagging skin above the eyes and loose skin below the chin and into the neck area. Facial exercises designed specifically for the eyelids and neck can help to tighten some of the skin and make the sagging less noticeable. Anti-aging creams for firming will also help to further enhance the results. If your lids are so low that they are now also affecting your vision, treatments like Thermage which uses radio waves is a non-invasive treatment with results that last a long as a couple of years. 

Maintaining a healthy flawless look on your face is achievable. If you combine healthy habits, a well-balanced diet, use moisturizers and get the proper amount of sleep, you can maintain your look for longer. Then, when it comes time to plan your luxury vacation, all you need to do is pack your bags.


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