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Dr. Robi Ludwig

When Jennifer Graziano lost her mom a year ago, she was literally lost herself. Not a novice to death, as the director of funeral homes, she’s spent countless hours consoling and supporting her beloved clientele. But when her mother lost her battle with cancer, she was searching for more than a shoulder or photo or article of clothing to keep close for comfort. She wanted something beautiful (like her mother) she could keep close to her heart each day. So, with that RememBar was born and is swiftly becoming a must for a loved one in mourning or yourself.

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What makes RememBar so unique and special?

RememBar is jewelry that touches both body and soul.  This is more than just beautiful jewelry to wear, it’s also jewelry that reminds you love is eternal.  RememBar pieces are vessels that keep your loved ones close along with your cherished memories.  When you wear a piece from the RememBar collection, you are wearing love.

How did you get started in the jewelry business?

I’m a funeral director by trade but I’ve always had an eye for both fashion and jewelry.  RememBar provided me with the opportunity to merge my love of jewelry with my desire to help those who have experienced a loss.  I recognized a void for unique, aesthetic and quality keepsake jewelry, so I was inspired to create the collection.  I wanted the pieces to be discreet, minimal and be extremely personal to the wearer.

How is your unique background so important to the success of this line? 

Being a funeral director and growing up in the industry, I’m keenly aware of the pain of loss.  Grief is such a poignant and painful emotion; you never truly grasp its magnitude until you have experienced it personally.  My background has allowed me to recognize that those who grieve are often in search of tangible comforts to help soften the pain.  I wanted to create something that not only helped console but also helped to remind people that those we love are never far from us.

What are the various variations one can create a momentous piece?

Every RememBar piece is custom made with a loved one’s birthstone along with the word, “Remember” delicately inscribed.  We also offer additional customization that allows you to inscribe words, names, dates, or phrases that further connect you to your loved one.

What would your suggestion be for an upcoming graduate student?

For an upcoming graduate who has experienced a personal loss of a loved one, RememBar is an ideal gift.  However, our collection also features the StoryBar line, which allows you to tell your personal story.  This great graduation gift allows you to customize school colors in our precious gemstones, inscribe dates of momentous occasions, or perhaps include the birthstone of the recipient and their family.  This is a highly personal gift and would be cherished by the graduate.

What was the most unique piece you’ve created to date?

I’m humbled and gratified by the growth of the RememBar Collection which now includes RememBar, PetBar, StoryBar, MantraBar and Sunrise.  I love how every bar tells its own story.  Every bar created is truly unique.  I also have a special connection to the Sunrise Pendant; a piece created in honor and in memory of my mother.  The piece is a fire opal representing the sunrise, with diamond rays, calling to mind the sunrise I so vividly remember the morning my mom lost her battle to cancer.  I wondered that morning as I watched the sun come up, if it would be the last one she’d see and sadly it was.  I also recognized, that as much as I dreaded it, the sun would rise again.  The darkness in my life at that time would eventually give way to light and along with each sunrise comes the hope of a new day.  I cherish this piece and donate a portion of its proceeds to cancer research efforts.

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