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Industry Pros To Discuss Community + Inclusivity In Beauty Together Livestream

The 10-day industry event, presented by Support Creatives, will kick off on June 12th with an Artist Town Hall Discussion featuring Sir John, Patrick Ta, Bobbi Brown, Sam Fine, Danessa Myricks, Michael Dueñas, and Karen Chambers/Iman Cosmetics

In recent years the beauty industry has taken steps to create and foster a community that is safe and inclusive for all, but we are not there yet. These intentions can not be achieved without a continuous commitment to action. To open a dialogue about inclusivity within the beauty community, the 10-day industry event and global livestream ‘Beauty Together’ will kick off with an Artist Town Hall Discussion on June 12th at 12pm PST/3pm EST. Industry professionals Sir John, Patrick Ta, Bobbi Brown, Sam Fine, Danessa Myricks, Michael Dueñas/Hairstylist & Co-Founder of Support Creatives, and Karen Chambers/EVP for Iman Cosmetics will discuss inclusivity, community building, and steps the community can take towards positive change.

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The Artist Town Hall Discussion

To ensure positive change moving forward, it is imperative to listen to the voices that are speaking up and recognize that, as a community, we can–and will–do better. On June 12th at 12PM PST/3PM EST, Beauty Together will present a Town Hall discussion on inclusivity in the beauty industry that is free and open to the public. Led by Sir John, Patrick Ta, Bobbi Brown, Sam Fine, Danessa Myricks, Michael Dueñas/Co-Founder of Support Creatives, and Karen Chambers/EVP for Iman Cosmetics the roundtable aims to bring industry professionals together with members of the beauty community in an open, honest discussion. As such, attendees will have the opportunity to register and submit questions for the panel of artists beforehand so that they will be able to join the conversation about ensuring inclusivity and strength in the beauty community now and in the future. — To register and submit your questions, visit:

About Beauty Together

Presented by Support Collectives, a 501(c)(3) beauty nonprofit, Beauty Together is a global livestream event that will raise money for artists affected by COVID-19 and provide a percentage of donations from all classes to organizations supporting racial justice, as well as spread positivity through unique education opportunities for industry professionals and beauty lovers across the globe. The event will be hosted by Michael Dueñas, celebrity hairstylist and Co-Founder of Support Creatives, and feature artists like Bobbi Brown, Sir John, Sam Villa, Danessa Myricks, Scotty Cunha, Katie Jane Hughes, César DeLeön Ramîrez, Sarah Potempa, Tabatha Coffey, and 40+ others who will participate in an exciting lineup of educational talks, Q & As, and demos.

In addition to providing a unique educational experience with industry professionals, the event’s supporting sponsors R+Co, Schwarzkopf, Aloxxi, Alterna, Unwrapped Life, RCMA Makeup, Beachwaver, Danessa Myricks Beauty, and The Makeup Show will team up to support the industry, some with headlining artists, and even special giveaways for a few lucky attendees!

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Those in attendance will have the opportunity to support artists in the industry while having fun and learning from top professionals.

To register for the Town Hall, please visit:

To sign up for Beauty Together classes, please visit:

About Support Creatives

Founded by industry professionals Melody O’Flaherty and her husband Michael Dueñas, Support Creatives is a nonprofit unlike any other. Offering access to financial aid, mentorship programs, and opportunities for educational advancement, Support Creatives assists artists in the beauty industry along the path towards lifelong success. While its inception comes in response to the COVID-19 crisis, Support Creatives is not just a quick fix. Rather, it is uniquely designed to support artists during the entirety of their careers, whether that be during moments of crisis or personal growth. Support Creatives aims to provide assistance and stability for artists, no matter the situation.


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