Innovative + Inspiring Black-Owned Businesses to have on your radar in 2022

February is Black History Month – a time to remember those who came before us and celebrate the trailblazers paving the way for the next generation. Check out these innovative and inspiring brands below – founded by groundbreaking Black business owners who you will want to have on your radar in 2022.

From beauty, to lifestyle and fashion – these brands leave nothing to be desired with high-quality products and originality in every aspect of their brands.

Adonis King Collection

Price: $40.00-$350.00

I’m thrilled to introduce you to a collection admired by celebs from Shaun Ross, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys, and more for a 2022 to remember. Adonis King Collection, the namesake brand of iconic fashion designer Adonis King, is here to make your Valentine’s Day sparkle with style and luxury (their travel bags use the same materials as a Louis Vuitton, but much more affordable!). When you purchase a gender-neutral travel bag from Adonis King Collection, you’ll be inspired to truly make it your own. Whether you wear the bag with your favorite outfit as is or build a personalized version with hand-painted initials, colored strips, drawings, and a selection of stickers on the canvas, you’ll look chic, marvelous, and gorgeous!

Kubra Kay Skincare

Price: $9.99-$45.00

Kubra Kay Skincare is an all-natural, made-in-America skincare brand that is shaking the beauty world in 2022. Kubra Kay was founded by a fellow skincare-lover who struggled to find skincare products that actually worked. After traveling the world and studying the soothing powers of all natural ingredients like turmeric, shea butter, and ancient Chinese herbs and remedies – Kubra Kay was founded to create minimalistic skincare with major results. Dry, irritated skin? Shop some of their best sellers including their Purifying Cleansing Duo, their Vitamin A&E night cream, and their trending razor relief.


Price: $17.99+

PuffCuff is a triple-patented hair tool created specifically for curly hair. While a simple idea in theory, most hair accessories on the market are created for straight hair, making the PuffCuff a first of its kind. As curls come in a spectrum that ranges from loose waves to tightly curled coils, PuffCuff is designed to work with a variety of hair types from 2c to 4c, allowing curlfriends to create many beautiful styles without headache-causing cinching, pulling, ripping, or tearing of their hair. Available at thepuffcuff.comSallyBeauty (in-store and online), and Amazon.


Price: Africa Bag/Backpack – $249.99+

ORIJIN CULTURE is a modern Afro-luxe label on a mission to spread the message of love and unity through fashion. Best known for the unisex Africa-shaped Bags & Backpacks, this label crafts uniquely-designed, quality accessories detailed with a vintage “Orijin Culture” brass logo; giving you that classic feel of originality, while connecting with pride in style.

Brown Aspiration

Price: $4.97+

Brown Aspiration just released a collection of inspirational Black History Month covers for their hard cover journals. The “I Do It For The Culture” journal is a celebration of African American spirit and community. Capture your goals, notes, prayers, to-do list, meal plans, and more on two hundred pages of lined college ruled paper. Brown Aspiration has your stationery needs covered, all with a touch of melanin. Available and Etsy.

Benson Watch Company

Price: $189+

Founded by HBCU grad, Marcel Benson, Benson Watch Company designs elegant, genderless timepieces. Created as a symbolic reminder to own your time, each watch represents the brand’s ethos — true fulfillment means spending time doing what you love. Check out the signature Cardinal Collection, Untitled Collection, and Omega Bracelets. Available to purchase at

Lyrically Correct

Price: $24.99

Turn up your game night with card decks from Lyrically Correct. Grab two or more players and take turns answering questions about 90’s and 2000’s Hip Hop and R&B hits. Hold up, that’s not it. Just when you think you have the right answer, a challenge card can be issued at any time which will test everyone’s knowledge a little more. Available at


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