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There’s only four days left until the Hamptons White Party; that being said, the BELLA staff has a lot on their plate. Recently I sat in on my first BELLA staff meeting, along with my fellow interns. With everyone constantly in and out of the office, it was unusual to see everyone together in one room. What I really enjoyed about being together was that I was able to notice how important we all are individually, and how strong we are collectively.

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Everyone in the conference room played an important role in orchestrating this event, and will continue to do so in the many events to come. The meeting itself did not take too long, but it was very much productive. When we started discussing future plans, a snowball of ideas kept growing and growing. It was this moment that I realized what teamwork is all about.

There’s no I in Team BELLA. Teamwork requires hard work and organization. Teamwork is giving everyone a unique responsibility that will play into the larger scope of things. Teamwork is about one person slicing cake, another person plating, and another person distributing. (That did happen.) It’s about respecting one another and finding ways to expand on other people’s ideas.

Speaking of expanding, I should start wearing baggy, yet flattering, clothes to the office. The staff meeting included delicious rice crispies from Treat House and a twenty-four lay chocolate cake from Strip House! No one tell my dentist…who also happens to be my mother.

What I also enjoyed about the staff meeting was the atmosphere; it was playful, yet constructive. Also, us interns were heard. Our ideas and thoughts were taken into consideration for future events. I think that’s the reason why I enjoyed the meeting; I felt a sense of community, not separation. Saturday is just around the corner, and I could not have asked for a better team to enjoy it with.

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