Inspirational and Educational: A Three-Month Adventure in Whistler

Sunshine, snow and a chilled out vibe sums up Whistler perfectly. If you’re able to take a three-month break and want to go somewhere inspirational and educational, why not head to Whistler, Canada? It’s safe and friendly and perfect for the solo traveler. It also works great as an adventure trip with a group of friends.

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If you’re a ski bunny or an adrenalin junkie, Whistler offers hundreds of snow-fun options for a thrill-seeking quest. There are grandiose mountains and soothing spas. You’ll also find championship golf courses and world-class skiing. People love this idyllic village life, with its friendly vibe and great happy-go-lucky attitude. In the summer you can go kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking and zip lining. In the winter you can go ice-skating, dog sledding, snowshoeing and ice-fishing. Activity is based on the majestic scenery and the great outdoors. There’s never a dull moment in Whistler!
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We’re calling this a three-month adventure. This is because it is the perfect place to enrol on one of the many Canada Ski Instructor Courses available. If you love to ski why not jump on board and qualify as a ski instructor? It’s a brilliant skill to add to your CV, and you’ll meet many new friends along the way. Programs include 11-week Freestyle and Off Piste Courses as well as Four and Seven Week Intensive Courses. Why not be inspired by this beautiful area and get some education in there too? Training as a ski instructor will enable you to travel further afield and secure work along the way. Traveling and learning as you go is a powerful way to adapt to a new environment. You will appreciate other cultures and gain skills that will carry you through your life.

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If you want to check out the true beauty of Whistler take a peek at the hashtag #LittleThingsWhistler. You’ll be privy to an image based magical journey of this breathtaking destination. Blue skies, white snow and high adrenalin adventure epitomise this beautiful place. You’ll also want to take a ride or two on the PEAK2PEAK 360 experience. This world record-breaking gondola ride takes you to the top of the world. And it gives you breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views along the way. It’s the highest and longest cable car ride in the world. At the top, there are myriad walking and hiking trails. You can dine at the peak of the Blackcomb mountains and take the time to spot magnificent wildlife.

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Travel is an adventure at any age and a three month trip to Whistler is not limited to the young. Being so close to nature is a revitalizing experience that is good for the soul, no matter how old you are. After taking up all the challenges that Whistler has to offer you will feel invigorated, capable and stronger than before. This is a destination for health and wellness and yoga and retreat. It’s a place to enjoy alpine walking and heart-pumping adventure. You’ll relax and dine fireside and shop in style. You can ski, sled, snowboard and ice climb. After your three-month adventure is up, I guarantee you’ll want to plan another soul inspiring journey.

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