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Interior Design Trends That Are Shaping Millennial Homes

By Charlotte Danzig

As Millennials and many more flock to find a perfect homes, various trends are emerging regarding the housing and interior designs that attract Millennials the most. This generation is often driven to find a blend of new and old, and they mostly prefer to keep things simple and affordable, yet fun at the same time. Ranch style homes, as well as modern farmhouse design and mid-century design, are among the leading trends preferred by young prospective homeowners. Here’s what you need to know about the interior design trends that are shaping Millennial homes.

Ranch style homes

Google searches related to “ranch style homes” have gone up 60% within the past two years, indicating the preference of this design scheme among likely Millennial homebuyers. This type of home can be seen in Utah communities like Benloch Ranch since this type of design creates more intimate homes that can accommodate open floor plans and have abundant lighting. Moreover, because many Millennials are transitioning from single-floor apartment style living, ranch style homes feature prominently among those looking to buy their first home. It’s also a great choice for Millennial couples because this type of home can grow with their family.

Modern farmhouse design 

Modern farmhouse design has become very popular because of its blend of rustic and modern design concepts. For example, farmhouse designs feature abundant windows, two stories and a porch as well as bright colors, lots of woodwork and, in the case of modern farmhouses, more metal and stone. This design is a great asset for those looking for a blend of social and private space, as well as slightly more room than a ranch style home affords, thanks to the additional level.

Mid-century design

Given overall design preferences among Millennials that orient towards minimalistic, boxed furniture and soft color tones, it should be no surprise that the mid-century design has gained so much popularity among millennials. Midcentury design blends the best of old and new, uniting rustic things like abundant, weathered and stained wood and stone with metal beams, furniture legs and appliances. As with the modern farmhouse and rustic design, many windows and open floor plans make for an inviting home environment.

Ranch style, modern farmhouse and midcentury designs blend the old with the modern to create intimate spaces that appeal to many generations, particularly Millennials. These are timeless designs that, given this generation’s quest to blend the intimate with the social and keep everything on a budget, creates a perfect environment for first time homebuyers. For those looking to make an investment in a first home or who are trying to chart the markets to predict home sales, take a leaf out of a Millennial’s book and look at their choices to get the most out of your investment.


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