Is It Possible To Get Your Beauty Sleep In NYC?


New Yorkers don’t sleep enough with 48% polled by the Siena Research College Institute getting by on 6 hours of slumber each night. Adequate sleep is key to good health and has many benefits such as better physical appearance, good mood, and enhanced concentration. Hence, when you say you need your beauty sleep that literally means you need it to look well and attractive. Unfortunately, it might not be that easy to catch a few winks in NYC with its rapid pace of lifestyle – people chasing careers, pushing back meals or socializing late at night which in effect disrupt sleeping habits. New Yorkers are not only constrained by lifestyles that are counterproductive to sleeping but also environmental and physical factors. The key to getting your beauty sleep is to work around these obstacles to get your forty winks.

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Sleeping makes you look attractive and other health benefits

The latest study by a group of Swedish researchers indicates that getting enough rest will affect how you look to others. Restricted or inadequate sleep affects your facial appearance and changes other people’s perceptions. When you look haggard, have puffy eyes and dark circles under your eyes, other people will not be so keen to socialize with you as you are perceived as unhealthy.

Sleep disruptions caused by lifestyle and environmental factors have also short and long-term consequences on the health. The immediate effects of sleep interruptions are increased stress, mood disorders, poor memory, cognitive, and performance discrepancies. Over time, poor quantity and quality of sleep result to health problems such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and colorectal cancer.

Working around your constraints

There are several ways though to get that beautiful appearance through sufficient sleep. Regular sleep patterns help in getting a good quality and quantity of sleep. To get to this point, you might have to alter lifestyles, control socializing and late night snacking or drinking that can disrupt sleep. Make use of special aids to help get a good quality of sleep including investing in a decent mattress, pillows and bed linens. Staging your bedroom to induce sleep including playing soft music, dimming lights, blocking light with shades and curtains as well as exercise also help. If you can invest in triple glazed windows, do it.  They not only keep unwanted noise out but retain the heat or cold drastically reducing your electricity bills. A good insulation of your home matters and in your bedroom, that assists in regulating temperatures keeping you cool in hot NYC summers and warm in freezing temps.

Getting enough sleep is important not only for your physical appearance but also to avoid the short and long-term consequences of sleep disruptions. It is up to you to control how much you sleep you get by changing lifestyles & diets and adhering to regular sleeping schedules.

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