Israeli Art Director Finds Beauty And Inspiration In A Pandemic

While we’re all adapting to the new normals, Israeli art director Maor Zabar, with the help of photographer, Shai Gabriely, finds the beauty in the virus that flipped our world upside down.  Doing their part in trying to find inspiration from COVID19, Zabar creates a powerful project that speaks to us all.


In quarantine, alone. Sterile and grasping for a touch of purity, some connection to the world. All that remains in this confinement is designing for the sake of art. Using recycled and re-purposed materials, to creating designs inspired by the Corona Virus, this project is the expression of our creativity from the safe imprisonment of our homes. This work shows the world that despite the difficulties and fears of today, this virus will not defeat our creativity, and inspiration can be found in even the darkest of times.

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The inspiration that lives inside the beautiful and creative mind of Zabar, was the Corona Pandemic and the insulation that was forced on the world during the disease spread period. Because it was not possible to purchase raw materials or contact various designers in order to produce an extensive styling production, some of the designs were made from recycled materials in the studio. The designs were inspired by protection products and clothing the team had found in costume warehouses. All looks were made by the few designers, recruited by Zabar, that were eager and brave enough to take advantage of these bizarre and unique times.

The hats and face covers were made from ready-made materials that we purchased at pharmacies and grocery stores that were open 24/7, such as surgical masks, latex gloves, markers, applicators, toilet paper and more.  The photographs were inspired by the colors of hospitals, doctors uniforms and medical instruments, all upgraded to create a fashionable, cold, clean look with a sterile effect. The angles are sharp and diagonal to produce a slightly hallucinatory effect of danger.  As you can tell, Zabar poured his heart and soul into this project, making it something we can all feel empowered from during times such as these.

“We create many photo sessions all year, each time one of us brings the idea we put it in motion together.”

-Gabriely on teamwork with art director Maor Zabar

Although these are difficult times, denying the ability to create as usual, Zabar had great hope that with the help of Gabriely and his team, they were all able to find inspiration in even the most unexpected places.

Team Behind The Scenes

Photography: Shai Gabriely

Shai Gabriely (@shaigabriely) • Instagram photos and videos

Art Directing: Maor Zabar

Maor Zabar Hats design (@maorzabarhats) • Instagram photos and videos

Designers:  Aurélie cohen chappoux

Tamar Teichman

Maor Zabar Hats

Tal Markovich

Make Up & Hair: Ben Kader

Ben Kader (@benkader1978) • Instagram photos and videos

Model: Dinka Klebanova


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