Items To Stock Up On: DAHlicious Organic Yogurt

Since news of the coronavirus broke, there has been a global concern and urge to keep yourself and your children healthy. It is imperative to be conscious of what you are consuming and to stock up on food + beverages that boost your immune system and that are high in probiotics, which  provides defense against the common cold and flu.

A must- have item to stock up with to keep your family healthy is DAHlicious Organic, which is a leader in the probiotic food market with 15 billion live probiotics per serving.

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The “India-style,” and “slow-cultured,” yogurts reflect the ancient Indian techniques of culturing yogurt at lower temperatures for longer times than most, if not all, modern-day yogurt brands. The result is a high-probiotic, richly textured, intensely flavorful yogurt – great for digestive health. As many leading competitors do not declare the actual probiotic count, DAHlicious Organic remains committed to probiotic count transparency. To reinforce this message, DAHlicious Organic is the first yogurt brand to make a probiotic count that is consistent per serving across all product lines. The consistency is designed to educate the consumer on what “high probiotic” means and associate 15 billion probiotics with DAHlicious Organic.

DAHlicious Organic offers two lines of yogurt: 100% grass-fed organic whole milk dairy lassi and almond cup yogurts. The dairy line consists of lassi (the Hindi name for drinkable yogurt) in 32oz and 7oz bottles. The plant-based line consists of almond cup yogurt in one 5.3oz size.

The flavor varieties currently being offered by DAHlicious Organic include Mango, Strawberry,  Blueberry, Vanilla, Plain, and Golden Milk.

DAHlicious Organic yogurts can be found at select natural and conventional retailers across the country, including Publix, Wegmans, Walmart, Market Basket, and Bristol Farms.

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