Jack Ketsoyan Gives Insight Into Scandalous Hollywood in His New Book, Guilty Pleasure

We all have to admit that we often times wonder what goes on behind closed doors in Hollywood. We see it on TV all the time: scandal, intrigue, secrets… the glitz and glamour doesn’t come without a price. Jack Ketsoyan, LA-based Celebrity Publicist and owner of PR firm EMC Bowery, and his longtime friend and former tabloid journalist, Kevin Dickson, have seen it all through the years. And now they are ready to dish.

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Guilty Pleasure, the sequel to the Los Angeles Times Bestseller Blind Item, picks up on the story of Nicola, who portrays a number of real life celebrities and their juicy stories, without giving away who they are. Read on to find out what the book will reveal and how Jack handles the pressure of holding on to so many well-kept secrets.

You have just released your book Guilty Pleasure, the sequel to the Los Angeles Times Bestseller Blind Item – can you give us a brief run-down on the first book and what we can expect from its sequel?

The first book follows Nicola, a Hollywood PR assistant who spends her days (and nights) sweeping up big scandals of singers, movie stars, and TV actors. She’s new to the LA scene after moving from Ohio, and quickly discovers that the real Hollywood is rotten underneath its glittering skin. Then she finds herself at the center of her own scandal with a Hollywood star.

The sequel picks up with Nicola, now a full-blown publicist, facing her biggest challenge yet when she’s forced to represent her superstar ex-boyfriend, Seamus, after he returns from rehab. Nicola’s boss, Gaynor, is struggling to keep the PR agency afloat, and Seamus is one client who definitely won’t leave as long as Nicola is around. In fact, he’s willing to do anything to win her back – even start a fake relationship for some badly needed good publicity in order to get her attention.

Every story in Guilty Pleasure is true and based on celebrity stories that you have witnessed throughout the years – are you worried at all that these celebrities will catch wind of their stories in your book?

From day one, Kevin and I wanted to protect the identities of all the celebrities, so we combined a few different stars into one character so that people would have a hard time guessing who’s who. No one was ever identified from the last book, so we’re not really worried about it with this one.

With all the gossip you know, have you ever considered spilling all the details everyone is dying to know, instead of making them into a fictional story?

No, because I never wanted to hurt anyone by telling their actual story. I’ve seen and experienced so much over the years, so deep down I always knew that I would write something out of it one day. But it was always meant to be fun, never harmful. That’s why keeping the real identities a secret was always a rule of thumb.

Will there be a third book in the future?

We don’t have anything planned as of yet but you never know. I hope so though; we have so much more to share that will make for an even more exciting new journey for the characters – and readers!

What else are you currently working on?

Currently, I am still running things at EMC Bowery and we’re all very busy here with the talent we are working with. I’m also working on a movie script with a close friend of mine, so I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted there. 🙂

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