James Kawas, Founder of the Flyp App, is on a Mission to Help Users Earn Money, While Saving the Environment

By Dr. Robi Ludwig

James Kawas, the founder of a new popular app called Flyp, is on a mission. Realizing how Americans accumulate way too much stuff (no news there), he decided it was time to create an effective solution.

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Kawas saw a need in the marketplace to create an app, which not only would help unwanted clothes gain a new home and second life, but also offer a simplistic way for accumulators to enjoy an environmentally friendly side hustle.


So, how does it work?


Flyp allows busy people to earn cash on items they never wear or don’t need, give them to a professional seller, which then empowers sellers to grow their resale business.


I connected with James Kawas to learn more about his innovative business model, mission and how his app is changing lives and the environment.



Dr. RL: First of all, what is Flyp APP and what is the company’s mission statement? 


JK: Flyp is a consignment marketplace that connects people who have used clothing or inventory that they wish to sell, with professional resellers who will sell it for them. So, if you have items sitting around but you have little time to sell them on eBay or Postmark, why not give it to a professional seller who can do it for you based on a commission?


The impact of the service is even more valuable than the convenience of it. By sending used clothing items to professional sellers, not only are you saving them from going to waste and to landfills, but you’re also empowering and supporting individual female entrepreneurs running their secondhand resale businesses from home. It’s a true sustainable cycle, much more impactful that it may seem at first.


Dr. RLHow is it different from the selling apps already out there like Postmark, Facebook Marketplace, etc.


JK: There are several marketplaces to sell used clothing and accessories, in fact the Flyp team has built a few of these in the past. The biggest difference between the others and Flyp is that you have to do all the selling by yourself: The seller has to take several pictures of each item, fill out the listing forms, handle negotiations, pack and ship once you made the sale, and handle any returns. It is an entire operation that takes time, many women do not have that spare time.

However, on Flyp, you’re not doing any of the selling, instead, you’re outsourcing it to a Pro Seller who will do all the above steps for you and promote your items across all popular marketplaces on your behalf.


Dr. RL: How does Flyp APP work for people who want to get started?


JK: Flyp connects you to a network of independent Pro Sellers who will sell your clothes for you. Pros handle pricing, listing, negotiating with buyers, packing and shipping each item for you.

Here’s how it works:
1. Take photos of your clothes, shoes, and handbags to create a “Lot”
2. Get matched with a Pro Seller and review their price estimates and commission.
3. Partner with your Pro and send them your lot using Flyp’s shipping label. You’re always covered by the Flyp Protection Policy
4. Your Pro will receive your items and do all the selling work for you. You will get paid as soon as your Pro receives the funds for each individual sale.


You can get a link to download the app by visiting www.joinflyp.com



Dr. RL: Why do you think selling clothes has become so popular recently?


JK: I’ve been working in the secondhand industry for 10 years now, and I’ve never witnessed a growth rate as fast as the one we’re seeing now. I think the key answer to why it’s booming lies in 3 different reasons:

1) Access: There are today, at least 5 major’s marketplaces that are specifically designed for mobile selling and easier user experience to normal consumers. 10 years ago, there was just eBay and Craigslist. So, there are now many more options to buy and sell used goods.
2) Shopping behavior: We see that Millennials and Gen Z have a huge bias towards used goods and sustainability, so they are by default pushing the market in that direction with their purchasing power.

3) The pandemic: This one certainly helped accelerate the growth in the secondhand market after many people went on decluttering sprees, and many items became unavailable due to supply chain restrictions, shifting demand to secondary markets.


Dr. RL: Is there a certain group or age range your app targets?


JK: We see that Flyp is mostly used by women in the ages of 25-45

Dr. RL: What type of clothes is Flyp APP looking for?


JK: – You can sell designer and name brand clothes, shoes, and handbags
-All items must be in very good condition, smoke and smell-free, and without stains or rips
– No non-branded items or items from generic/unknown/boutique brands


Dr. RLHow much can people expect to earn from this type of side business?


JK: We see that the most common split between Consignors and Pro Sellers is 50%-50% of sale proceeds


Dr. RL: Where can people find this company if they’d like to get started?


JK: Visit www.joinflyp.com  to get started.

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