Jewelry designer, light path visionary , and life design coach shares her journey to “Awaken the Light”

K. Ay’Nea is a self-taught jewelry designer, light path visionary and life design coach, whose passion and love of crystals ignited an inner pathway of inspiration, clarity, and transformation. This has become the foundation of her spiritual artistry, as well as her life’s contribution and heart’s offering in her work.

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K. Ay’Nea’s greatest joy is supporting others in bringing forth their individual uniqueness and innate intuitive gifts, as this becomes the gateway, she says, for activating their unlimited human potential. As K. Ay’Nea explains, there is a “light spark” of inspirational energy that is deep within everyone and teaches that as this spark of life activates, a timeless inner beauty emerges to illuminate the path of the soul.

It was through her desire to experience and understand herself more deeply and spiritually that her personal spiritual awakening began. As most journeys, this became a most extraordinary experience of self-remembrance of the sacred self, says K. Ay’Nea. Through the process of awakening to her own natural intuitive creative potential, the Aurora Krystal Pendant Designs came to life. Her holistic endeavors, services, and creations continue to serve and inspire her community locally and nationally.

BELLA got to know K. Ay’Nea and learn more about her ongoing journey to enlightenment…

Let’s start at the beginning and talk about your journey to becoming a jewelry designer and light path visionary.

I believe our personal journey has always been unfolding. We exist beyond all matter, space, and time, so from this perspective I share that I have always been aware, conscious, and awake just within varying degrees of knowingness.

I grew up in Staten Island, N.Y., and became a young mom at the age of 18, which changed the course and direction of my life forever. I spent the next decade on a journey of discovering love, marriage, and adventure, only to be met with deep sorrow as I found myself a divorced, unemployed single mom at the age of 29. The year following my divorce was one of the most challenging and exhilarating times of my life and taught me that as life seemingly appears to be falling apart, something far greater than myself is guiding me toward something better, bigger, and brighter.

At the time, I was determined to prove to myself and my daughter that I could accomplish anything I put my heart and mind to, and over the next few years I put my heart and soul into my professional career in the medical industry. Along the way, I found love once again, and my life began to shift gears, opening up a powerful time of unraveling and deconstruction.

The funny thing about this human life is that we often think we have it all figured out, when in reality, the secret to life is learning to let go of all that we desperately try to hold on to with as much grace and ease as we possibly can. In 2007, my family and I relocated to the sunny shores of Florida. It would be there, and through a series of synchronicities, that I would be led to the right place at the right time, and meet a woman who served as a powerful catalyst of awakening for me. The life I once thought I loved so much, I began to question, and the truths I held onto so tightly began to loosen. This divinely orchestrated meeting of souls would blow open the doors of how I perceived the world and what my role in it was to be.

I soon discovered that once this inner gateway was opened, there was no looking back. In fact, I discovered that deep within me was a link to an unlimited and abundant source of infinite potential that I could have never before even dared to dream existed for myself.

Tell our readers how your beautiful jewelry brand, “Awaken The Light,” was born.

Awaken the Light was born from an inner desire to experience a life of deep fulfillment and purpose. What started out as a personal journey of self-discovery quickly became a passageway of creative expression and art. As I began to shed all the inauthentic layers of beingness, something very new emerged, both internally and externally. It was through the awakening of my own inner beauty that the jewelry began to take on a life of its own.

Creating jewelry is an expression of my soul. My early days of wire wrapping were a bit daunting, as I could not seem to mimic other popular wrapping techniques that some creatives used. I would come to understand that I was, in fact, being guided toward unfurling an essence of beauty deep within me that could not be taught—a unique expression of my inner beingness.

Awaken the Light illuminates the innate part of you that is eternal and infinite. It is a vibrational gateway of inner discovery and remembrance, and a journey home to the sacred self.

The brand, which officially launched in 2011, has served the local community in the tri-state area by offering hand-designed jewelry, reiki healing, and crystal gemstones. My husband and I also ran a holistic center in Manalapan, N.J., which offered classes, workshops, and special gatherings on various wellness topics.

A few years later, life guided me toward creating and hosting holistic expos with my beloved husband, which has brought the wellness community together in such exciting, expansive, and collaborative ways. It’s been one of our greatest joys to collaborate with so many beautiful souls.

“It is a privilege to be here, alive, on planet Earth at this time. Together we shift, rise, and rewrite the future of our civilization.” – K. Ay’Nea

The Aurora Krystal Pendant Collection is stunning. How did this line come about, and what is the meaning behind these pendants?

The pendant collection is a truly transformative line of high vibrational sacred jewelry that is designed to support the rising of the feminine divine within these momentous times of embodied empowerment and achievement. Now more than ever, women are coming into their own power and rising into positions of influence, initiating a collective shift of consciousness across all levels of being and doing. My pendants are created with the intention and knowing that “her” time has arrived. As women, it is this holy exchange of recognition within one another that will shift the very fabric of our society.

The collection was named in reverence of the aurora borealis lights, which invoke feelings of wonder and magic in everyone. Most importantly, it was named after my beautiful grandmother, who infused my childhood with unconditional love and acceptance.

Each pendant design is uniquely different in its vibration, color, size, and mineral content, bringing forth an experience that is always deeply uplifting and inspirational. One of the greatest parts of this work is that I get to hand select each gemstone, crystal, and andara, which adds such intimacy to the creative process. I love knowing there is a profoundly meaningful story behind each crystal that I get to share with my customers.

In addition to jewelry designer, you are a life design coach and a light path visionary. Share with us what that means and how you have impacted the lives of others.

I believe I have always been a light path visionary, long before I could identify myself as such. I have always felt throughout my life that I was able to see clearly into the future beyond perceived distortions and disharmony in society. I always had a deep understanding and knowing that I was part of the solution in life.

As I have cultivated this natural ability, I now assist others in discovering that they too are the solution in their own lives. As a light path visionary, I have the privilege of witnessing the light switch being turned on. As a life design coach, I’m able to guide others in unlocking and discovering all their hidden talents and desires, and offer a foundation of support and momentum that helps them turn dreams into reality.

Over the years, I have had the joy of meeting and working with so many beautiful women whose inner radiance at times leave me speechless. I feel such joy in knowing that they have unlocked doorways of their own inner potential.


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