Jewels Beyond Royals

Jewelry is an expression of one’s individuality.

As busy as we are, we forget that jewelry can be a key piece to our everyday style. I’ve always believed jewelry to be the accessory to splurge on.

Jewelry allows you to easily go from day to night, without having to change your outfit! (Mama, you know that’s a big one!)

Now, you also know I LOVE statement pieces, but as any girl would, I also love diamonds.

What better way to go from day to night than with diamonds?!?!

Now imagine this: the ability to customize award winning designs and buying them at prices 30-50% lower than traditional retail stores.

Do I have your attention now?

Diamondère is the world’s only diamond jewelry shop, where you can design pieces to suit your style at extremely affordable prices. Why? Very simple: No middle man.

Built on a 122 year old family legacy of jewelers, in the past, Diamondère exclusively worked with royal families, celebrities and dignitaries.

Lucky for us, today, blending human artistry with automated precision they guarantee fine quality with your personal style…and this is available, just a few clicks away!

You have access to unique gemstones like chocolate diamonds, yellow diamonds combined with technology. Jewelers have a hard time getting these stones, but given their connections (that’s right, Diamondère has hook ups!), they are able to offer a magnificent variety of stones, at extremely affordable prices.

To top, you can do this for some of your favorite designs! There’s a “Submit Your Design” section in Jewelry. So, when they say ‘made-to-order’…Chicas, they’re not kidding! 🙂


Designer looks + smart spending = Diamondère.

Also, check out their celebrity inspired collection here. O.M.G.!

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