Jolie Noire Redefines the Beauty of Black

Kim (L) and Keyondra (R) Lockette, owners of Jolie Noire

Jolie Noire, a black owned-brand owned by sisters Keyondra and Kim Lockette, is shining a new light on the beauty of black.

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The sisters launched the size-inclusive brand in 2019 and since then have been working to redefine the meanings and emotions associated with dark colors.  Sizes range from XS to 6XL and the pieces celebrate black women.

BELLA Magazine was able to speak with Keyondra and Kim about their brand…

Tell me a little about yourselves and your brand.

Hi, we’re Keyondra and Kim, sisters and owners of the luxe essential wear brand, Jolie Noire. We started Jolie Noire to encourage black women and add to the notion that black is beautiful. We are primed to think dark colors (specifically black) are negative and light colors are positive. In an effort to level the playing field, we’re working to shape the minds of onlookers and change the meaning, emotions, and values associated with black. Color is something that doesn’t come pre labeled, we label it… At Jolie Noire we choose to believe that black, like other colors, is beautiful! We realized there are biases, inequities, injustices and colorisim, that black women uniquely face so we wanted to provide a space where we can celebrate our likenesses while realizing our differences. We do that by providing highly artistic and fashionable pieces featuring beautiful black women. We’re grateful to have Printful as our print partner because they help seamlessly bring our ideas to life by providing great quality, style, and size options. It’s their quality combined with our designs that has garnered us the attention of many.

What is the message behind Jolie Noire and what does it mean to you?

Jolie Noire simply means Pretty Black in French. But to us it means togetherness, sisterhood, and representation. We’re not just making tees and filling in the gaps in fashion and solving an age old problem of finding representation on store shelves. We are showing women and little girls, more specifically black women and black little girls, a positive reflection of themselves when they see us.

What is your favorite thing about the brand?

Our favorite thing about the brand is the feedback we receive from both men and women, of how the message resonates with them and makes them feel heard.

What should readers of BELLA know about Jolie Noire?

Though our clothing showcases black women, it’s not for black women only. We created our brand because we found it very difficult to find graphic tees, with black women on them in stores so we decided to solve our own problem. We became a solution and an encouragement to our community. Our message of unity can be generalized between cultures.


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