Jumpstart Your Year with Healthy Habits

We’re already over a month into the new year and that means people have already begun slacking on their New Year’s resolutions and going back to their same routines. One resolution that never goes out of style is aiming to live a healthier life. We can all take little steps towards living a healthier lifestyle, no drastic changes needed. It’s best to simply make little changes to your daily routine, like swapping a soda for a water, that will add up over time. If you need a kick in the butt, or a little incentive to keep the momentum going, we’ve tried a plethora of healthy products to find not only the best tasting, but also the best health benefits, to add to your pantry or fridge. Now go get shopping!

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Functional Beverages

Trip – Popular European CBD brand TRIP recently launched in the United States with their drinks and oils. Their lightly sparkling CBD drinks are not only thirst-quenching and refreshing, but they are also infused with natural adaptogens to help aid digestion, immunity and stress relief. Each can contains 15mg of CBD, along with helpful ingredients like ginseng, L-theanine, turmeric and chamomile. The drinks currently come in peach ginger, lemon basil, elderflower mint and cold brew coffee flavors and contain no added sugars, are gluten-free, vegan and low calorie. You can learn more about TRIP or purchase here.

Confidence – Bet you didn’t know you could drink yourself confident! The aptly named canned drink, Confidence, is an organic, natural, sugar-free and zero-calorie beverage specifically designed to boost your mood. Created by Gen-Z entrepreneurs Brandon Oberfeld and Charles Gore, the duo waned to create a product that would give consumers mental freedom to thrive, and thus, Confidence was born. Plant-based ingredients and adaptogens like rhodiola, ginseng, magnesium, gaba, 5-HTP, and B Vitamins help to lower stress levels, increase mental acuity, and improve your mood. The resulting beverage works to lighten the effects of physical, mental and emotional stressors on your body, something we could all certainly use. Learn more or purchase Confidence here.

Köe Kombucha – Kombucha can be an acquired taste, you either love it or you hate it. Köe is aiming to change that with their fruit-forward recipe that downplays the often vinegary taste of kombucha. Clocking in at just 35 calories per can and just 8g of sugar, Köe Kombucha is filled with billions of live probiotic cultures that are known for upping your gut health and supporting the immune system. This affordable, fruit-forward, and shelf-stable kombucha makes it accessible to the masses, giving consumers another option when looking to hop on the kombucha bandwagon. To learn more or purchase Köe Kombucha, click here.

Moment – Looking to zen out? Moment is a natural botanical beverage created to bring consumers the feeling of meditation in a can. Infused with natural botanicals and adaptogens like ashwaghanda and L-theanine, Moment’s special blend helps to promote alpha brainwaves (those same ones that arise during meditation) and lower cortisol levels, giving you the same low-stress, relaxed vibes you’d get after a good om session. Moment currently comes in flavors like Tulsi Lemon, Hibiscus Dragon and Rooibos Blood Orange, and 1% of all sales go towards mental health non-profits. Learn more or purchase Moment here.

Potent Powders

Further Foods – Founder Lillian Zhao wanted to bring health, wellness and traditions from her Eastern culture to the masses, and thus, started Further Foods. Collagen powders, herbal supplements and superfood blends comprise their product offering, and that includes their Matcha Collagen. Comprised of a premium blend of their best-selling collagen, organic matcha, and organic cordyceps mushrooms, this tasty powder provides all of the beauty boosting benefits of collagen, along with the energy boost of matcha and cordyceps. Learn more or purchase here.

Biohm – This science-driven company, founded by Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum (director of the Center for Medical Mycology at Case Western Reserve University), is one of the world’s leading microbiome companies, and currently offers a range of probiotic supplements to help reduce digestive plaque found in the gut. Their line includes Biohm’s Super Greens, their most popular supplement, which fuses fruits, vegetables, and herbal extracts with the company’s probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes. The benefits are plentiful — not only will this tasty powder blend help to support a healthy digestive tract and GI microbial balance, but it will also aid in the detoxification processes, support cellular health and the immune system, and also supports antioxidant function by reducing free radical exposure. To learn more about Biohm, their products and gut health test, and to purchase, click here.

305-Life – Oftentimes celebrity-backed companies get a bad rep, but that doesn’t mean you should judge before you try. 305-Life, a health and wellness lifestyle brand that launched late last year, is the brainchild of Armando Perez, more popularly known as recording artist Pitbull, Roger Yuan, Sanan Hariri, MD, and Marc Schenkel. Together, they worked to develop everyday products to bring balance into your life. Their supplements, which come in easily portable individual packs, can be mixed in water or any beverage, depending on your needs. They currently offer three products – Everyday Life, which immune, health, and digestion support; Everyday Recovery Booster, which is formulated to help your body bounce back after a workout; and Everyday Energy, which helps to naturally boost energy and support muscle regeneration. It makes for the perfect pre-workout. Plus, a portion of sales benefits SLAM! Foundation. Learn more or purchase 305-Life here.

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