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K-Beauty’s “Double Cleanse” Just in Time for National Cleanse Your Skin Week

National Cleanse Your Skin Week (8/1 to 8/7) is the perfect time to spotlight K-Beauty’s double-cleanse, which has become a complexion-cleaning global phenomenon.

K-Beauty’s 10-step routine starts off with Step#1 (oil-based cleanser) and step #2 (water-based cleanser), proven more effective than a single face wash and other forms of makeup removal like wipes:

4 Reasons Why the “Double Cleanse” is a key part of the K-Beauty skin care Philosophy

  1. Thoroughly cleanses the face for a fresh canvas for makeup
  2. Washes the day away before bed
  3. Allows products applied in the next steps to better absorb (day or overnight)
  4. Manages sebum, acne, and signs of aging

We can offer you these newly launched cleansers (which are already receiving rave reviews) from Aloisia Beautygenuine, clean and transparent K-beauty built upon Korean skin care philosophies, ingredients, and innovation to help skin “Breathe In, Glow Out:”

NOURISH Oil Cleanser ($40): Step #1

REFRESH Jade Purifying Cleanser ($38): Step #2

K-Sentials ($199): Includes two cleansers plus curated products that can be layered for a multi-step K-Beauty routine:

Why Aloisia Beauty

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