K-Skin Founder + Skin Care Enthusiast: Meet Kelly Carson

Kelly Carson, the founder of K-Skin, created her skincare line to provide completely natural solutions for women that have autoimmune disorders or problematic skin such as herself. K-Skin is a vegan cruelty-free line all organic that is good for your skin as well as the earth.

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BELLA got to know Kelly Carson + learn more about her skin care empire, K-Skin…

Where did your love for skin care stem from?

As far back as I can remember, I have always been mixing beauty products and trying new makeup. I used to always ask my mother to bring ingredients home from the grocery store that I could mix to make products for myself and anyone who asked. My father even turned my bedroom into a “salon”, fully shelved and brimming with beautiful products and makeup. At 11 years old I even decided to be an Avon lady because I figured that the representatives received products at wholesale prices, my poor father footed that bill. Eventually, I started making my products for my: friends, family as well as myself which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

Tell us how you began your skin care line, K-Skin?

After my kids got to school age, I decided to attend the Florida College of Natural Health to learn about what I loved so much. After completing one year of organic skincare and aesthetician school, the day I was supposed to graduate, I was diagnosed with CIDP, an autoimmune disease that is a painful nerve disorder that didn’t allow me to work doing facials because my fine motor skills had been compromised and continued to worsen. I receive treatment every 8 weeks in the hospital for 10-15 days at a time. So rather than letting this take me down, I used this as motivation to fight for people with disorders, such as my own, that cause havoc on your skin and what you put on them. Hence K-Skin Natural Skincare & Fragrance was born. I was very sensitive to products so I decided to make my own that had no chemicals and nothing that would add to my autoimmune disorder which ended up benefiting many.

What do you think is the importance of proper, daily skincare?

Since your skin is the biggest organ you have, and it has to last you a lifetime, taking care of it with the proper skin care is crucial. The importance of daily skincare is vital no matter what age you are. Your skin shows so much about you: poor nutrition, underlying health issues, dehydration, etc. Knowing why your skin is breaking out, why it’s dull, or has inflammation from Rosacea can be addressed if you know your skin. That’s why daily skincare is so important, good skin health will make you happier in years to come! Taking care of your skin helps you feel better about yourself and gives you a new fresh perspective on life.

Share with us some of the benefits of using K-Skin?

Due to my disorder, finding the most natural skincare that works best for me was imperative. Even though we are so advanced in what we know about what is best for our skin: preservatives, parabens, and chemicals do not work for me. Knowing I want my skin to be healthy and last for my lifetime, I created my: scrubs, lotions, serums, and soaps out of necessity. I believe in all of K-Skins products because they changed my skin, I could never promote something that I do not love or does not work for me! All K-Skin products are made with vegan and cruelty-free earth-derived ingredients – good for us and the planet we live on.

How can people purchase/ get in touch with K-Skin?

All our products you can find at Kskinwonder.com


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