Kaaboo Del Mar’s Indulgences Set Them Up for Music Festival Domination


As you know, what’s sure to be our new favorite music festival is steadily approaching. Hi, Kaaboo Del Mar! This relatively new-to-the-scene festival (it’s only four years old) is looking to totally revamp the festival going experience, streamlining it and making it way more pleasant than its competitors. That’s not to say that people don’t love going to Coachella and Burning Man, but once you leave, you’re tired, you’re dirty and you essentially need a vacation from your vacation.

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Enter Kaaboo. Their aim was to create and elevate the music festival experience. Jason Felts, the co-founder and CEO of Virgin Produced and Chief Brand Officer of Kaaboo Del Mar, explains that they created Kaaboo to create an elevated experience overall and really focus on the customers.

“We have five core senses at Kaaboo,” he explains. Music, is obviously the core sense, and then there is art, comedy, culinary and indulgences. And with indulgences, we really get to see what sets this festival apart from others. This beauty and wellness addition allows festival-goers to relax and rejuvenate while they’re there. Manicures, pedicures, makeup touch-ups, hair braiding, on-site massages, hot shaves and haircuts — it’s all there. They also have hangover nutrient IVs and Vitamin B shots for rejuvenation. Both men and women can enjoy the indulgences Kaaboo has to offer.

And BELLA is excited to announce, this year they will be introducing sleep pods to the mix! Rented out in 15-minute increments, these pods allow you to refresh yourself if you feel you’re slowing down in the middle of the day. If you want to take a quick nap or change your outfit, you can do that right on site. Unlike the other indulgences where you can just wait in a short line for service, these need to be booked in advance. “We send in a team to clean them up. We’ll be treating them like hotel rooms,” Felts tells us.

But the indulgences are more than just the services they provide. According to Felts, part of the indulgences is also the “ability to rest and recharge in certain zones at Kaaboo where you can go and actually sit in a seat in the air conditioning, charge your phone and just chill. They’re not overcrowded with thousands or people, we’ve built the areas and the zones sporadically to allow for many guests.” Heck yes! Oh, and did we mention no port-a-potties? They have real bathrooms at Kaaboo!

To make things even easier, the festival has a dedicated customer service line that you can call to answer your questions about anything festival related. If you buy VIP tickets you will even have a concierge that can help you guide you through whatever you need, including parking and hotels.

Similarly, their culinary scene, called Palate, has something for everyone. “If you’re vegan, there’s vegan food. If you’re vegetarian, there’s vegetarian food. If you don’t want beer, go over and get a glass of Chateau Montelena Wine from Napa or a glass of champagne and walk through the art exhibit,” Felts says. There’s truly something for everyone, and it’s more than just corn dogs and beer. And to make things even more convenient for you, your wristband allows you to go cashless all weekend — you can load your credit card into your wristband and scan it for anything you want so you don’t have to be fumbling in your purse or wallet all the time. The goal here is “trying to remove every single pain point,” of a typical music festival, according to Felts. I think they’ve succeeded.

To learn more about Kaaboo Del Mar or purchase tickets, head here. And stay tuned — they will also be doing Kaaboo Cayman in February 2019 and Kaaboo Texas in May 2019.

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