Kate Goes to Provence


If you’ve ever dreamed of escaping to the France’s most charming region to experience for yourself sleepy villages, lavender fields, Roman ruins, finest wine tasting and dining… Its time to start planning  your next summer getaway to Provence.

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Provence lying in the south east of France and got so much to offer- from lavender fields  of Valensole, the sparkling blue Mediterranean sea to mountains of the Alps, countless charming villages, Roman towns and UNESCO World heritage sites.

I, personally, went to experience for myself  lavender ocean and now I can answer this question- Does it worth to go over there? – O, yah…

Lavender as colorful and fragrant as you can imagine and there are enough fields for everyone – in all sizes and shapes, more isolated or those instagram famous with heart shaped trees- you can explore them for days and days.

Keep in mind, that you can find lavender only from mid June to mid July so plan your vocation accordantly, otherwise you gonna enjoy poppy or sunflower fields- not too bad anyways but not exactly what you expecting!!!

Provence got  poor, almost not existing public transportation system so having car is essential. The other only option to to see the lavender in all its  glory its to take a tour and exactly that what i did.

My first advice is not to take any kinds of half day tours- don’t waste your time and money … it’ll be hours of driving and 15 minutes for sightseeing – i did this mistake for you.

For my full day tour to see  lavender ocean of Valensole  I chose small family run company – ProVans tours and loved it so much I came back for historic Provence tour.  So those two tours allowed me visit lavender and sunflower fields, tiny  villages, Roman ruins all in small group with great guide.

Ocean of purple and scented with lavender air it’s something everyone have to see at least once a life, so make it your priority.

Tour the countryside that inspired Impressionists Paul Cézanne, Henri Matisse and Van Gogh. Spend couple days in historic walled city Avignon and visit surrounding Luberon villages – ochre colored Roussillon and home of movies stars and artists beautiful Gordes. Also don’t exclude  visiting some of the country’s best antique markets, wine tasting, and dining!

Exploring Provence  requires early start of long days if you want to beat up crowds, so couple days at French Riviera afterwards could be a good idea.

Provence is a charming haven I felt in love with and when you’ll make it over there don’t forget to enjoy this truly magnificent place.


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