Keep your Fur Babies Calm this summer with Calmeroos!

If your dog or cat suffers from anxiety, can’t sleep through the night, or is generally uneasy and afraid, check out Calmeroos Puppy. A stuffed animal with a “real-feel” heartbeat and warming pack to make your pets feel safe and secure.

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Calmeroos Puppy was created to provide comfort to your fur baby in times of high stress or anxiety. Designed to appeal to your pet’s natural instincts, Calmeroos Puppy recreates the experience of cuddling up to their mama and littermates when there wasn’t a care in the world.

Founder Crystal was inspired to create the Calmeroo Puppy because of her love of animals and need to make sure they were comforted at all times (since she was unable to cuddle them 24/7).

There are three important elements that go into each Calmeroo. First, the stuffed dog or cat plush with a small velcro pouch in the belly. Second, the heart that your pet can both hear and feel for maximum comfort. Finally, the heat pack that provides warmth to your dog or cat.

Paisley (14 Weeks) snuggling with her Calmeroo

I know Calmeroos can work! My 14 week old puppy loved cuddling the Calmeroo Puppy during a recent thunderstorm. Seconds after checking out the plush she curled up with it and went to sleep.

Calmeroos won’t just help your pets at home. With each purchase two pounds of food are donated to shelter pets in need.


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