Ladies! Let’s Put The Wow Factor Back Into Our Wardrobes

I think it is fair to say that we can all get a little complacent with our wardrobes. But the truth to be told wearing the same thing day in day out, even though they seemed to be crammed full is not a good way to go. January can make us feel a little blue. Maybe that is because of the weather or just the general anticlimax new year can bring. But one sure-fire way to boost your confidence and self-esteem, which will ultimately help us feel that little bit better, is to take a long hard look at your wardrobe. Why? You may ask. Why change something that you may not think needs changing? It’s simple, you dress for the occasion, and you feel better about yourself. So here are some tips to help you get the wow factor back in your wardrobe to start this year as you mean to go on.

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Create a capsule wardrobe for different phases in your life


For those people who are unsure, a capsule wardrobe is a few key pieces of clothing that you rotate and mix and match for certain occasions. Many people will do this without realising for things like work, but it actually helps you in other aspects of your life to. For example socialising clothing, gym clothing and casual items. Creating a capsule wardrobe enables you to clear out the clutter you have in your wardrobe. Those jeans you think you might wear again but never do, that dress that just doesn’t fit you, but one day you hope it does. It’s time to clear out the wardrobe and start afresh with key pieces that work together. It’s always worth spending that little more on something designer for the quality and fit. Especially for things like coats, shirts and trousers. The staple pieces for any wardrobe. Thankfully, there are many clothing designers to match a range of budgets. A capsule wardrobe will also save you time as you have less to choose from, but also helps you to be more creative as you mix and match those items, rather than sticking to the same things that work.



Think about your colour choices

Your colour choices are vital to helping give your wardrobe the wow factor. If we are honest with ourselves, there are certain colours that work well with our skin tone and hair colour, and some that can just make us look washed out. This is when it’s key to working out what colour choices suit you. Do you look better in warmer colours or something with a cooler tone? A quick guide online could help you decipher which way to go. There are, however, certain colours that every wardrobe need. Black oozes sophistication and works well in any combination of many different colours. White is also a good choice, and a white shirt specifically should be a staple piece in any feminine wardrobe.  


Never underestimate the power of a good pair of shoes

Shoes are a huge part of your wardrobe and so careful consideration should be taken to what you wear and what you store. Shoes can enhance an outfit straight away. By just adding a heeled shoe to a skinny jean and shirt combination and your outfit is lifted from casual to chic. In the same way, a pair of sneakers doesn’t have to be a great addition to a casual outfit. While still embracing the trend. Matching your shoes to your outfit and to the occasion is vital for giving any outfit you take out of your wardrobe the wow factor. Certain shoes you shouldn’t be without are a comfortable pair of ankle boots, a cute pair of flats, and those killer heels that work with every outfit.


Matching and complementing patterns and fabrics


A quick tip to remember when it comes to matching colours and clothing is that dark and light tones will always complement each other, as they help each colour shine through. Whereas two colours with a similar tone may not have the same effect. The same could be said for fabrics and patterns. Clashing colours can often be a good choice when implemented in the right way. But wearing a barrage of colours, fabrics and patterns could just look a mess. Another tip worth remembering would be that patterns are always best matched by the colour options.


Accessories will complete your outfit

Finally, accessories are the perfect way to complete your outfit. So think about the jewellery you wear, the bag you choose to take out with you and even whether you adorn a hat. Hats can be worn all year round and are very on trend at the moment.
I hope these tips help you get the wow factor back into your wardrobe.

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