Lash Out! How to Get Your Biggest, Baddest Lash – No Falsies Required!

It’s no secret, lashes are in! But what’s a girl to do if Snuffleupagus lashes are nowhere to be found in her gene pool? Is all hope gone? Are we permanently stuck to temporary falsies? No!

Learn how to maximize your fringe and work with what your momma gave you using these quick tips.


Never underestimate the power of a curl. A good curl will immediately make lashes look longer. Bring the lash curler near the base of the lashes and pump two times. Lashes still falling flat by midday? Try blasting the curler with a blow dryer for five seconds before crimping. The heat will help your lashes set – just like using a curling iron for your hair.

Channel Goldilocks. Don’t stop testing mascaras until you have meet your perfect match. Narrow things down by determining what your lashes need and what you want. Not all lashes are created equal. Are yours lacking in length? Fullness? Do you like a faux lash effect? Or do you prefer a natural look? Answering these questions ahead of time will make your search much less overwhelming.

Slow and steady wins the race. Applying mascara should be one of the lengthiest parts of your morning routine. Make sure to coat each and every lash from the outer corner of the eye to the tear duct. Leave no lash unturned! Unfortunately, the lashes near the tear ducts often get neglected. A good coat of mascara here is super important to create a fan shape that compliments every eye.


It’s all in the wrist. Application technique is crucial in maximizing your natural lash. Lift your chin up and look down into the mirror. Hold the mascara wand horizontally at the root and zigzag your way through the tip, pulling the lash upwards towards the ceiling. Got it? Once you perfect this technique, patting your head and rubbing your belly will seem like a breeze! Note: It may be easier to hold the wand vertically as you get to the lashes at the inner corner. 

Steer clear of clumps. Clumping often occurs when too much mascara is loaded on the brush, or when too many coats are applied. Two is the magic number. Anything more than that will bring you dangerously close to spider land.

Improper timing between coats is also an invitation for clumps, and can be tricky to master. If you apply one coat immediately after the other, the lashes will be too wet, and all of your lashes may join into two or three strands. We’ve all been there. On the contrary, too much time left in between each coat will cause tarantula looking fringe. There’s a solution: Coat each eye once, but fight the urge to re-dip the wand for more mascara. By the time you have done both eyes, you can load the brush with more mascara because the first eye you started with is ready for its next coat. Think “many stokes,” not “many coats!” To guarantee perfect separation, invest in a lash comb to sweep through the lashes as a final touch.


Every eyelash is worth preserving. Keep your lashes healthy by removing all of your eye makeup every night before bed. Sleeping in your mascara can stunt the growth of lashes (gasp!) and cause breakage. Soak a cotton pad in eye makeup remover and let sit on your eye for a few minutes. The pigment will breakdown, providing a much easier and swifter cleansing process.

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