Last Minute Gift Guide For The Healthy Mom!

Ok, I get it… so you too –like me, and pretty much every busy woman out there– are still figuring out what to get mom for her day (yes, with less than 12 days to go). But fear no more because if your mom is the health conscious kind, I got you covered with my Last Minute Gift Guide For The Healthy Mom!

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As a holistic Nutrition and Health Coach, on my page I get hundred of questions regarding gifts to pamper the health conscious momma. I’m not a mom yet, but I’m super sure I will definitely appreciate gifts for ME, none of that “new-microwave-for-the-kitchen” shenanigans Ok? Lol. Give your mom something for HER, something that she, and only she can enjoy.

Let’s go straight to it, shall we?

vegan chocolate mother's day gift

Dairy-Free Vegan Chocolates

I’m particularly obsessed with these ones from Cocoa V a super artisanal, hand-crafted chocolate line,  located in the heart of Chelsea, New York. The shop ships nationwide so mom’s all over the country can get their vegan chocolate fix! Snatch a box of 15 for $49. Their fun flavors include PB&J (two layers – strawberry jam, dark chocolat peanut butter cream), lavender vanilla (two layers – organic french lavender caramel), fresh bourbon vanilla bean ganache), hand rolled dark truffle (vanilla bean, blend of madagascar & caribbean chocolate), and dark salty caramel (soft caramel, dark chocolat). I’m drooling here and I know your mom will be too!

natura organic wine mother's day gift

Organic Wine

What better pairing to the above chocolates than a luscious organic wine?! Natura Wines will be the perfect compliment to give to your health conscious mom. They’re one of my favorites organic wines, produced from the purest, healthiest and highest quality, organically-grown grapes from Chile. You can find them at pretty much any wine stores all over USA. Surly Mom will thank you for that!

Blossom Cookbook mother's day gift

Healthy Cookbook

I was so waiting for the release of  THE BLOSSOM COOKBOOK! As a plant-based food lover, I cannot recommend this book enough… So if your mom enjoys making yummy vegan recipes with a gourmet flair, this is the book to get her. It was released on April 25, 2017 and picked up by Amazon as “best pick of the month” {Get your copy here}!

yoga mat tote mother's day gift

Cute Yoga Tote

If your Mom is a yoga lover, she’ll love this Open Strap Tote from K. Caroll! Gone are the days of having to carry your purse in one hand and the yoga mat on the other, pulling a magical balancing act in the process. The straps expand to hold the yoga mat and allows you to keep all your workout gear in one place. Genius, right?! P.S. Extra points for being a woman-run company offering fashionable and affordable vegan leather handbags. Style and purpose for the win!

never give up pendant mother's day gift

Empowering Jewelry

If your momma is into running, she will LOVE this sterling silver “Never Give Up Necklace” from Jenny Presents. Perfect for the determined health conscious mom that motivates and inspires everyone around her! You can even personalize it with anything you’d like stamped. It’s so cute!

acupressure mat mother's day giftAcupressure Mat

Believe me when I tell you that this Acupressure Mat is God sent! It will help your mom’s neck and shoulder pain since it stimulates the body to release endorphin hormones, which as you know are KEY in order to relax the mind & body. Also amazing to recover from workouts, induce deeper quality of sleep, she will feel like getting a complete massage from head to toe!

avocado sleeping mask mother's day gift

Vegan Silk Sleeping Mask

If your mom is light sensitive when she sleeps, this AMAZING sleeping mask from La’ Aquarelle is the one for her! They’re eco sleep masks, hand dyed using different plants instead of nasty colorants, and 100% chemical and toxic free. My fav one, the Avocado Mask  is made of organic bamboo silk – perfect for people with sensitive skin because it’s naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial – and the fabric is hand dyed, using avocado stones as dyeing technique to create a beautiful natural peachy pink color.

Hope you enjoyed my Last Minute Gift Guide For The Healthy Mom as much as I did creating it for you… Time to pamper your health conscious Momma like the Queen she is!

Did you get inspired to get your Mom something from the above list? Share with me in the comments below any other healthy gift ideas you have!

Xo, Candy

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