Let Olivia Griffian CEO of SevenSkin Beauty Show You the Light 

SevenSkin Beauty is a black owned skincare company that merges science, technology, and beauty for the most efficient skin care treatments. Their LED Therapy Mask is lightweight, touch activated and completely cordless for ultimate convenience. With an automatic timer and eight light color settings, including a multi-light option, this mask outperforms the others in capability, luxury and price! Benefits include acne reduction, a more even, firm and smooth skin texture, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, improved skin elasticity, collagen repair, minimized pores and accelerated blood circulation.

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As Beauty Director of BELLA, I definitely get to try out my share of beauty devices, and while many fall short and just not worth the splurge, I have to say this LED Therapy Mask is a mainstay in my skincare routine and so worthy of the investment! I put it on a couple of times a week and it’s ALL SYSTEMS GLOW! 

I reached out to Olivia Griffian, CEO/Owner, SevenSkin Beauty to learn a little about how and why she created such an effective beauty boosting device. Here, she sheds some light…

How it all began

I had challenges with my own skin and I knew I couldn’t be alone in my struggle. I wanted to learn not only how to treat my skin, but also why it would react the way it did. I researched everything about the skin and I spent months in Australia under the advisory of skincare professionals and my weekends in their cosmetic labs. One of my greatest discoveries was the learning about the seven layers of skin, and each of their functions. Understanding that most brands focus only on the top three layers, I realized the key to prevention would be in treating all seven layers of the skin. This is when SevenSkin Beauty was born, along with my purpose to share both my knowledge and my product with everyone.”

Launching the brand

“The first steps I took involved a ton of research about the skincare market, trends and problems. I knew what I had to offer was valuable. I’d test products from luxury beauty retailers to see what my consumers were interested in, which helped me narrow down my market to anti aging skin repair. Once I felt confident that my product would meet a need that was not being fulfilled and the competitive landscape was supportive, I was all in!”


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