Letter from the Editor-In-Chief: Fall Fashion Issue 2022

 “Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it.” ~Diane von Furstenberg

With this issue, I kick off year four at the helm of BELLA Magazine, and I am so thrilled because this one is a full-circle moment for me. While in LA at the beginning of the year to celebrate our BELLA Latina issue with Mario Lopez, I took an overnight trip to Palm Springs. There I met a fabulously dressed man, whom I immediately hit off conversation with. At the end of our night together, we snapped a quick picture for the ‘gram and exchanged numbers. Now, I meet many people in our industry all the time, and I am guilty of in that moment not paying enough attention. Little did I know I had just connected with Franco Lacosta.

What many of us still don’t realize is how much our choice of clothing impacts how we feel about ourselves. Franco pointed that out to me when we met for dinner. He said, “You stand out. Your energy draws people in.” It’s something that stuck out to me as that trip had been a very difficult one. I wasn’t feeling fabulous; I was on two hours of sleep and away from my family for too long. Franco’s kind words stayed with me.

While on the search for our next Fashion Issue cover star, I wanted to feature someone people loved. Amanda Ringel texted me a list of potential talent, and it just so happened that Franco’s name was third. It turns out that the Bachelor Nation fandom is real—it can be especially felt through many members of the BELLA team. What was surreal, however, is the connection I already had with Franco. His fashion sense is as fabulous as he is kind, and it’s no wonder he has amassed a following as genuine as his personality. It was hard to select the images we had the pleasure of co-creating with him for his feature. Read all about his career, his love for his daughter, and what’s next for him on pages 78-89.

Social and political issues have impacted how we’ve dressed throughout the decades. It’s why I also wanted our team to show the world how fashion has influenced us through the years. Check out our fabulous “Fashion Through the Decades” feature on pages 20-31.

I couldn’t publish an issue that truly represents BELLA’s new direction of representation if I didn’t include a very special feature about Sofia Jirau, defying odds + making tremendous strides in the fashion industry as the first Victoria’s Secret model with Down Syndrome. Get to know all about Sofia on pages 50-55.

Be sure to also check out our Beauty Scene and Mind + Body sections, which are filled with all the latest self-care tips you need to fall into the season. 

Stay fabulous,

Vanessa Coppe

Photo by: Michelle Behre Photography

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