Letter From The Editor-In-Chief: The Arts + Culture Issue

Brainstorming ideas for this issue, it occurred to me that gratitude toward the arts was in order. It has been every form of artistic expression that, for the most part, has gotten us through the very difficult times we are in. Poetry, a good book, a movie, a show, this magazine…all bodies of art created to relieve our souls.

The former teacher in me also realized that most of the people I know have learned about culture in terms of other people. For many, culture is something exotic and foreign. So it was important that we ended this year looking inside each of us. (Read my essay, “Culture: A Look Within,” on page 88 for more on that.)

As inexplicable as some things have been throughout 2020, resilience is a trait we’ve mastered in this industry. Our cover talent is a walking example of plot twists. From a live review of a Whole Foods vegan sandwich during her lunch break as an Uber driver, she was thrust into TikTok stardom (with her daughter’s recommendation), becoming one of America’s favorite vegan voices. Now, Choyce and Tabitha Brown are the mother-daughter duo we’ve fallen in love with through our mobile devices. It was such a pleasure to meet them and work on our cover feature for this issue at SUR Restaurant in Los Angeles.

Another amazing feature on page 68 is our “Up Close + Personal” chat with Taylor Dane. “Tell It To My Heart” has been on my playlist since the hit topped music charts.

Photography, artistic + digital creative influencers are also a part of this issue, reminding us once more how the beauty of the arts + our rich culture are handed down to each of us and left to us to interpret in our own way.

While the holiday season may look very different, we, of course, have gifts for everyone on your list. We also have DIY cocktails, boards, and desserts to try at home, where most of us will be safely ringing in the new year (check out pages 98-105).

We receive from the world what we give to the world. Let’s lead with love and compassion, kindness, and good tidings.

With much love as always, the entire BELLA family + I wish you the best possible holiday season and a prosperous and healthy new year!

-Vanessa Coppes


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