Letter from the Editor-in-Chief: The Fall Fashion Issue

“Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it.”- Diane Von Furstenberg

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It’s officially year three for me at the helm of BELLA Magazine! I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start it than with our fashion issue. What many of us still don’t realize is how much what we wear can actually impact how we feel. We literally lived this through the pandemic, choosing more comfortable styles because, well, the dressiest place we were going to was our own living room.

We’re slowly coming back to our lives, and fashion continues to play an important role in how we express who we are in the new, more intention-driven reality we are living in.

I couldn’t publish an issue that truly represents BELLA’s new direction of representation if I didn’t include features about Chelsea Werner (pages 66-71) and Grace Strobel (pages 54-58), defying odds and making tremendous strides in the fashion + beauty industries. Even our main cover star, Taryn Manning, has gone from growing up in a trailer park to becoming our style muse for this issue. She is as real as they come, and her story is one you need to learn all about on pages 72-77.

Shoes are my absolute favorite accessory. It’s why you’ll read all about designer Ruthie Davis on pages 60-65. Her sense of style is as high as—if not higher than—her heels, and her BELLA Boss persona is one to learn from and admire. Jewelry is another big staple you’ll see through our fashion spreads from Dune Jewelry + Awaken the Light on pages 20-23 and 24-29.

With Love,

Vanessa Coppes


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