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LETTER from the EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: The Women of Influence Issue

When we published our first Influencer Issue under my direction last year, I led this letter with the following phrase: “People listen to other people first. They will always trust them more.”

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When you think back to an important decision you’ve made, did you ask someone for direction? I can bet you reached out to people you knew and trusted.

People first rely on family and friends, neighbors, and personalities they know, like, and trust before making a decision. Did you know that this also happens with our intellectual development? Mental perceptions become a part of who we are whether we are aware of them or not. They influence how we think, how we respond, and how we act. They create our belief systems, our cultural mores and philosophies, even our habits.

We are also influenced by our genetic heritage, culture, our parents and other family members, friends and enemies, and by what we have read, seen, and experienced.

Influence, therefore, is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something. We’ve collectively experienced some of the most impactful effects of political and social influences in our lifetime in the past year alone.

Our cover star Meagan Good has been a woman who has moved consistently through her career. Her faith has influenced her and her career I’ve so admired so much through the years, making her a fabulous pick to highlight as the face of our “Women of Influence” Issue. You’ll love her interview on pages 68-73.

With our recent travels to finally celebrate our Arts + Culture Issue in Los Angeles, we also worked with a familiar face on the runways, Joy Corrigan, who was an absolute joy. Learn more about the young, fresh-faced model on pages 62-67.

You’ll also enjoy flipping through pages 18-26 for our “Women of influence” fashion feature, as well as “BELLA Bosses” on pages 42-49 to learn more about the movers and shakers influencing our world in so many creative ways. Lastly, we talk to Sherri Shepherd, a face you’ve known for decades. You can read about what’s new for her this year on pages 58-61.

As we know, influence can take on many forms. Our newest one comes to you in the form of our very own TV show, “Life Is BELLATM,” which you can watch exclusively on Facebook Watch.

Now read on—we’ve delivered some of the best people + resources available to you to live your most BELLA life!

With love + warm wishes,

Vanessa Coppes


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