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BELLA recently sat down with Lexi Stolz, an innovative NYC restaurateur and wedding planner who has been weekending in the Hamptons for years. Her latest endeavor: The launch of an exciting new food concierge service on the east end. South Fork & Spoon is the first service of its kind and offers delicious, gourmet, farm-to-table food and drinks delivered right to your door each weekend. The essential service for anyone wanting an authentic Hamptons vacation, South Fork & Spoon makes sure busy New Yorkers make the most of their weekends by arriving to a beautiful home with a stocked fridge, chilled wine, steamed lobster and apple pie!  

Since this is our Summer Hamptons issue, we are so excited to talk to you about your amazingly creative (and so necessary) food concierge business South Fork & Spoon. This is such a fabulous idea – how did you come up with it?  

I have been weekending in the Hamptons for many years and the weekly Thursday conversation always started with “What time we were meeting at the car to take the four-hour drive to Bridgehampton?” and ended with “Is there wine in the fridge, and what is for dinner?”  

New Yorkers are so used to having food at their beckon and call. We walk outside and we are steps from grocers, delis, restaurants and more. We can use Seamless to search and order from nearly any restaurant in the city and have it delivered right to our apartment or office within minutes. I started South Fork and Spoon to bridge the contrasts of life in the city and weekends in the Hamptons while still upholding the authentic Hamptons experience. We offer products from the Hamptons’ staple vendors because at the end of the day – that is why we all take the long drive out east each week – to experience what we all love – The Hamptons. 

What do you need to have the quintessential Hamptons cocktail party?

Cocktail parties should be as stress-free as possible! South Fork & Spoon offers services that help our clients get a kick-start to their event hosting. We offer DIY Cocktail Parties, which is essentially a Party in a Box. Clients receive ready-to-bake and ready-to-plate delicious farm-to-party hors d’oeuvres by ANGO, NYC. We will offer recipes for specialty drinks purchases, deliver all the alcohol and help with any additional things the host may need. We want our clients to spend the day at the beach or on the tennis court, not hard at work in the kitchen.

Is this service offered in NYC or exclusively on the east end?

Right now South Fork & Spoon is premiering in The Hamptons but we have plans for NYC. We offer our DIY Cocktail Party in NYC, and The Dessert Project is available for kids’ birthday parties and picnics in NYC.  

How do you come up with your menus?

I just love the culture of the Hamptons food scene. I love sourcing from local farms, fisherman and cook-shops. I really believe that the Hamptons is not just a beautiful place, it’s also a lifestyle. I work extra hard to come up with authentic Hamptons experiences by incorporating the freshest local ingredients. I also have always been a big fan of small businesses and I love working with my partners who live and breathe the Hamptons all year round. It is a community that translates right into the food and the culture of entertaining out there.

Favorite menu item?

I am a cheese and wine girl! There is nothing better than arriving home to a cold glass of wine and a nice cheese plate ready to devour after a long drive. I also love the Seafood Shop’s steamed Lobsters! 

Favorite summer cocktail?

My favorite cocktail is what I call “A Lexi Special” – it’s gin, pink grapefruit juice, a splash of Maraschino liquor and two squeezed lime wedges over crushed ice. I am also keen on pouring a Mexican beer on ice, squeezing two limes, adding 3 dashes of Tabasco and a pinch of salt! 

Finish this sentence: “A summer in the Hamptons is _______________.”


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