Light, Bright and Delicious … The Perfect “Hollywood” Cocktail

By Pandora Vanderpump

These are two of my favorite cocktails for they are beautiful, refreshing, and bursting with intense flavors.  They’re also extremely easy to make a lighter version, if you’d like to lessen the calories – just substitute the simple syrup for ½ – 1 packet of Stevia or other sweetener (start with less and use as much as you need to taste!).

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Raspberry Lemon Martini2

Sparkling Raspberry Lemon Martini

This is a fun cocktail for Spring as it’s bursting with tangy, bubbly flavors! A gorgeous pale pink, this frothy creation is as refreshing as it is attractive.


¼ lemon

4 raspberries

½ oz simple syrup (or sweetener)

1 oz Vanderpump Vodka

2 oz champagne


1. Add the raspberries, lemon, and simple syrup to a shaker, and muddle.

2. Add the vodka and ice, and shake.

3. Strain into a martini glass until ½ full.

4. Top with champagne.

Spiked Rosé Sangria

Spiked Rosé Sangria 

LVP Sangria is a delicious, light, thirst-quenching sangria straight from Valencia, Spain. Already infused with fruits and spices, LVP Sangria pairs perfectly with vodka for a beautiful Spring twist on a classic Sangria.

As LVP Sangria is all natural and lower in calories than most sangrias (similar in calories to wine), this cocktail is lighter than you’d expect and absolutely delicious!


3 oz LVP Rosé Sangria

1 oz Vanderpump Vodka

1 lime wedge

3 sprigs of mint



1. Add ice and mint to your glass.

2. Squeeze in the lime wedge.

3. Add 1 oz of Vodka.

4. Top with Sangria.

5. Stir and enjoy!

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Pandora Vanderpump Sabo is the CEO & Founder of The Divine Addiction and Vanderpump Wines & Spirits

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